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I've tried my hand at writing a couple Story's here and there but I tend to be picky and re write everything or just scrap it, so I may not try posting anything for a while. But that also means should you need a Beta (I aim to be truthful but not harsh, even if it may seem a little that way, I'm just being... Well for lack of a better description, my awkward anti-social self) I wouldn't mind taking a look. Though I should warn you i'm rather in-experienced with the site (not even clear on how to post a story no matter how many times i read the dang instructions, or how to fix my avatar picture after i tried to change it)But if it's not my taste literarily speaking I might just not be able to get through it; I'm more the fanciful type than a sci-firific. I also prefer romance with an OC, really the only kind I like because I like messing the plot line (Also better than finding a cheesy romance novel when one is lacking in a love life, lol ;) ) Just a heads up :P.

So here's a list of some pre-approved sections (mostly what pops up in my head right now)






-Batman the animated series

-Avatar:The last Airbender


-X-Men (whichever, I'm a fan of most)

-Young Justice


-Harry Potter

-Lord of the Rings (Hobbit as well)

-House of Night

-Mortal Instuments

-Avengers (and all associating movies and tv series)

-Robin Hood:Prince of Theives



-Batman Begins (and sequels included)


-Scooby-Doo (live action)


-Boondock Saints (1&2)

-Blade series

-Chronicles if Riddick

-Reign of Fire

-Ginger Snaps

-V for Vendetta


-Edward scissor hands

-Pirates of the Caribbean

-Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

-Spirited Away

Video games:

-Dragon age (All)

-Batman Arkham Asylum (All)

-Alice Madness Returns

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