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Hello! I'm Bella and this is my PROFILE! :)

Hope you'll like it! :)

One time, my teacher in acting class told me to do my profile video, I went home to do it, but when I came home my sister threw her food at me.

I'm Bella

I love

Black (It looks so elegant and strong and deep) Scissors (As in really, even before I watched Victorious) Coffee (I drink coffee a lot, I usually drink coffee 5 times a day) Victorious (I think it's the best television show I have ever watched) Elizabeth Gillies, Avan Jogia, Ariana Grande and more... Bade/Cade (I'm proud to say that I ship those) Singing,Acting,dancing and script writing My family and pets (But sometimes, I get irritated by them) Most things that Jade loves ( Since I was little I really love things that Jade loves)


Yellow Ducks The word panties (Underwear) Gross smells and stuff Orange (The color) Bad Acting and Singing SEEING BLOOD (One time, my foot got wounded and then there's a lot of blood, I fainted) Rabbits (They scare me) Small spaces (Seriously I can't take it) BORI/JANDRE ( I don't really hate them, I'm just a loyal BADE Shipper) snails (They're just too slow)
the number nine/9 (I hate it because it really does sound so whiny!) Irritating noises (I can't concentrate) And MORE... (I would love to tell you guys more stuffs I hate but I think you'll get bored) Lying

I write for school plays and compose songs. I'm deep and talented. (I hate to brag about it but my sister made me)

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