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Please help me raise the money! Even the smallest amount will go a long way! Or just spread this around if you can’t donate! If you can’t see the link, message me and I’ll give it to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A very good friend of mine committed suicide last night after being cyber bullied for months. This is a serious problem, people need to understand that the things they say online can still hurt even if they can't see who their hurting! I'm starting a Stop Cyber Bullying campaign, pm me if you wish to join Members: GoldGuardian2418, Sparkling Lover, EmeraldMoonGreen, newbienovelistRD, XFangHeartX, Rosto'sGirl, gamePsycho11,

I am new to writing on this site, but I will try not to disappoint anyone with my stories, and if anyone wants to make requests I will gladly accept. I'm not very confident when it comes to sharing my stories and I would appreciate some feedback, good or bad will be welcomed!


I have been sent numerous threatening and scary messages, and I refuse to tolerate this anymore!

List of Original Characters:

Kristin Roberts (age 18), she has dark brown almost black hair and chocolate brown eyes, she loves to read and is a soprano singer, a little known fact about her is the place she is ticklish is on her neck, but she rarely trusts anyone enough to let them touch her and once you earn her trust she will do anything to protect you. She also has the word FREAK carved into her left shoulder after a group of boys held her down and put it there to remind her everyday that she is different. Even though bad things have happened she doesn't let it get her down, and she always goes out of her way to help others and she doesn't approve of bullying. She works partime at an animal shelter to help them find good homes, and she always puts her best effort in everything that she does. She is also based off of myself. Please pm me if u want to use her in any stories.

Jason "Jay" Jackson (age 17), he is an abused teenager with jet black hair and dark green eyes, with a long deep scar that starts from his hairline, stretches over his left eye and down to the left side of his jawbone. He is prone to panic attacks and is fiercely loyal to Kristin, who has often had to fix him up after his parents beat him; she is also EXTREMELY protective of him as well, at one point she even went off on bullies during class. His ticklish spots in order from worst to least; shoulder blades, stomach, hips, and knees. His hobbies include reading, watching nature, writing stories, and oddly enough, cooking and baking.

Ethan Smith (age 19), he was once one of the bullies who tormented Kristin and Jay, with flaming red hair and honey colored eyes, he has recently tried to make amends with them. He looks intimidating, but has an easy going personality and a well built body, and his worst tickle spots in order from worst to least are; stomach, sides, hips, and back.

Kristin, Jay, Ethan, and Eclipse are mostly used in stories written by me very special friends Sparkling Lover, GoldGuardian2418, and newbienovelistRD.

I'm happy to give advice or ideas for anyone with their stories, and feel free to pm me if u want me to offer advice or help in any way.

Thank you! :)

Important Note: I have been unable to post any stories, and I apologize to the people who had wanted their requests done. Once I figure out the problem, I will be posting several stories so be in the lookout!

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