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My real name isn’t important, so for now you may all call me Ganjia, or use my formal title of Ganjia Queen. I am 26 years old and have been writing since I was 12. I am an American of African descent, not an African American, seeing as there hasn’t been a natural born African in my family in over two hundred years.

I have recently discovered the wonders of Fictionpress and . Let’s just say that I am quite literally addicted to … which means I am obviously a PotterHead! And a proud and confident member of the House of Badgers – yes, I’m a Hufflepuff. #LoyaltyAboveAllElse.

Not to say that I’m not just as cunning and ambitious as any Slytherin or as wise and knowledgeable as most Ravenclaws, or even as courageous and brave as some Gryffindors. NO! I am all these things and more, because the thing I value above all these is loyalty, which is what makes me a Hufflepuff. And once you have my loyalty and I yours, that is when you will see all my other traits come into play.

I don’t just love HP, so don’t think this will all be about how mad I am I never got a Hogwarts letter (LOL). I love to read in general, and if I could make myself a home inside Barnes and Noble, I would. As a writer I have a love of all things written, including poetry, so I will post some of my more alluring words in that category. However, if novels and fiction are more your cup of tea, then I will gladly showcase that to you as well.

My all-time favorite book series, despite my Potterhead identity, is the TMI series - Cassandra Clare is my Goddess. So if you haven’t read them, or my second favorite series, ‘The Blue Bloods Series’ by Melissa De La Cruz, then please, what are you waiting for?!!! You’re missing out not only on great writing, but on great characters!!! #YesI'mAShadowHunter! #YesI'mABlueBlood! #YesI'mAHufflepuff!

I am in the process of writing a few novels, and have posted the one that I will probably never get officially published. Dreamless is a fantastic story, and I recommend you head over to to check it out. I love getting story ideas, and if any of you have any, then please feel free to jot them down in my PM.

I encourage criticism, so please be frank – it can only make me a better writer, as I’ll be honest and say that I have the grammar skills of a 5th grader!!! So if there any BETAs willing to take on the challenge I present, then please PM me, as I’m not sure how the BETA thing works as of yet. I just officially figured out how to publish correctly on this site (LOL).

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