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my name is kartz (nickname by the way) and I love reading and writing and animals I hate rude people and animal abuse and much more I am in year 10 and my age is 15 im going into year 11 soon

at the moment I'm working on two stories

(fallen angels can fly) I haven't uploaded it yet because I want to at least write chapter 2

and I'm working on another story which is called (my life is to painful) which I've just started and just published but I had to delete it

my favourite anime is bakugan and Pokémon and naruto , inuyasha , slugterra, inazuma eleven , highschool dxd, kore wa zombie desu ka , heavens lost property , kisssis , fairy tail , black butler, soul eater ,

my favourite boys in bakugan are

(1) spectra phantom

(2) Dan kuso

(3) shun kazami

my favourite girls in bakugan are

(1) Alice

(2) runo

(3) Mira clay

my favourite boys in Pokémon are

(1) ash

(2) Paul

(3) trip

my favourite girls in Pokémon are

(1) dawn

(2) Zoë

(3) iris

my favourite pairs in bakugan are

(1) runo x Dan

(2) Alice x shun or Alice x lync

(3) billy x Julie

(4) myleane x shadow

my favourite pairs in pokemon are

(1) ash x dawn or ash x iris

2) jessie x James

my favourite bakugan are

(1) Helios

(2) drago

(3) lumargrowl

(4) storm skyress

(5) wayvern

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