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Joined Apr '14

Yo, I'm just a regular guy on this website. I don't really have all that much to tell you about myself.

Just don't expect me to stay here for too long, I'm probably here for the summer and then leaving this site, or at least I'm going to stop writing stories once school starts again.

But for some reason I feel like I'm doing it wrong if I put nothing here, so I'll at least tell you my motivation to joining this site. I'm BORED. I honestly have nothing to do. This, a piano, and my wiiu are the only protectors of my sanity. I'd like to start playing sports (specifically tennis) but I don't know where to go for that.

I have another reason to be on this site. I take classes in school that require me to write. A lot. So this serves as my practice in writing. Also my school has this "summer portfolio" thing which is a summer project so open-ended, it has no instructions. I could probably adapt something I write on here to that.

Oh, and I'm only into gaming fandoms. All of my media consumption is games and stuff that is about games.

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