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YellowFlash98 PM
Joined Apr '14

YellowFlash98 is here!

Nothing much to say, huh?

Oh well then...let's just get on with this.

Name: ...

Age: (not telling)

Likes: Sleeping, watching the clouds, reading, watching movies/anime/games, tennis, football, table tennis and cooking (what?)

Dislike: Corrupt government, arrogance, selfish people and school (seriously!)

Hobbies: watching the cloud, playing games (any games), football, tennis and table tennis

Dream: Good enough to become a rich man :)

Hmmm...that's kinda interesting, what's next? Anime? oh well I'm not going to do that now, better do it next time, huh? See ya everyone!

YellowFlash98 signing out!

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