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I'm not an author and I don't write. I have this account just so I can provide comments and show appreciation to the fanfics I've been reading in this site: specifically the Tinkerbell fanfiction. :)
I'm a fan of Tinkerbell movies and I sooo totally SHIP Queen Clarion x Lord Milori...asdfghjklasdfghjkl OH GOD!!!

...there may be no cure for a broken wing...but there's always cure for their broken hearts...

fanfiction.netMoviesTinkerbell website is probably my favorite hang-out...I check almost every minute/hour for updates in my favorite stories. I am ecstatic everytime I see a notification saying there's a new chapter.

Random thought: In the movie The Pirate Fairy, I actually think that the character of Queen Clarion was really beautiful when she was full shown towards the end (her holding the blue pixie dust)

In my email inbox: (fanfiction notifications) ...

To authors of Tinkerbell fanfictions, you are all awesome! I wish you all the best in writing careers! ;-)

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