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Hi there to you all! Here speaks Hiryo to you.

My Website
is now finished.
And only the fics must be uploaded . . . . :)
Or some fanfics added that some
want to be hosted on my site.

The Anime/Manga ressource sites are
now on my website in the Link-section. ;p
Let me know who you are in my
Contact me-section and rate yourself there.
I hope you like it!

Now I'm also present on deviantART
and here is my favorites-list

o0o0o My little Disclaimer o0o0o
So you all know that I don't own Ranma 1/2
and any other series that I write of like
Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo,...

Any R&R, C&C, as well ideas that you have for
me are well apricated and I encourage you for
it. If you like to preread any of my future
stories... Only ask. By the way I have so about
70 fics 1,5 MB on my Hard Disk that I have to
translate from German to English... So there will
be quite a few in the future.

I'm NOT a fan of Ranma/Akane matchups and
therefore started a C Community were those
are NOT happening or were Ranma even don't
get matched up with anyone at all... There on
my C Community as well the C Community
where I'm on the staff (RanmaXOVER) are
any subscribers welcomed with open arms
and are highly tresured... My precious!

Shakes my head to clear it.

Just click on the rigth middle side to get to
my C Community.

This little flash always gives me a smile and remembers myself of Kasumi.

Here are some pictures of

Hiryo's (SI) wifes:
Hinako: http:///characters/hinako.html
Urd: http:///AMG/Gallery/Urd/thumbnails/tn-urd-v29c187-cover.jpg
Michael: http:///out/fig/michael.jpg

Some other little trinkets from me on
There I also have made an extra section for
Ranma 1/2 & Gold Digger Crossovers-fics
in the link-section.

If you want to only talk to me... use my ideas
characters and what not... Write me an e-mail
and tell me were your fic/plot is or just send
it to me per e-mail. So that I can read it.
Anyway time is wasting.

Have to translate/write/pre-readsome fics.


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