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Wow, so, the wonderful world of fanfiction. An intriguing adventure, and one I doubt I'll come out of with my sanity still in tact.

So, a little about me. I'm a second year university student, aiming to be a teacher. Additionally, I am doing a double major in literature and history. With luck, I will be able to pursue a career as an author on the side, but I try and be realistic with that particular dream. Oh well, I'll keep writing anyway

I am OBSESSED with Wicked, both the books and the musical. I have now had the pleasure of going to see Jemma Rix as Elphaba twice in one year (2014), she is absolutely phenomenal. Vocal gymnastics, acting, just everything. Yes so, maybe I idolize her. Can any of you Wicked fans really blame me? Youtube her, seriously. My favourite song is No Good Deed and trust me, it's going to fuel some interesting tidbits. I could write paragraphs on this, but I won't, because you'll get bored. Just... Wicked.

I do warn you all, while I try and write and upload as much as I may, I do have a life and a rather stressful one. This means there may be lengthy delays between uploads. I'm sorry, but there is very little I can do at this point.

DISCLAIMER: This is pretty much because I tend to forget to do disclaimers as often as I should. As much as I would like and, as fervently as I have prayed to Lurline, I do not own Wicked, I'm not that girl. Stephen Schwartz, Winnie Holzman and Gregory Maguire hold that honour. It makes me positively green with envy. I also do not own Into the Woods, that credit goes to Stephen Sondheim (bows in reverence) and James Lapine. That fact makes me rather blue. Anyway, enough with the inane puns. I don't own recognizable content.

Any recognizeable Harry Potter content is the brain child of J.K Rowling and whoever she sold the rights to. It wasn't me, unfortunately. Or Severus would still be alive. That's alright, that's why there's fanfiction. Anyway, point being. I do not own Harry Potter. Please remember this disclaimer is because I forget to put them on chapters.

Anyway, that's all for now. I shall try and update this profile regularly with what stories I have going.

Fly my pretties into the wonderful world of fanfiction



Teeth: A character study of Elphaba's childhood inspired by book, musical and my own insanity. Roughly linear in timeline though written episodically. There are light moments, but it's fairly dark. Most important childhood characters will get a mention and there is one OC. 10 chapters long, but a sequel is planned. Rated T, and I think it earns it. Complete

Bones: The long-awaited sequel to Teeth. Follows Elphaba through her years at Shiz. Inspired by book, musical and my own insanity. Roughly linear in timeline though written episodically. Lighter than Teeth, though very dark moments. More characters including Galinda and Fiyero. One Oc, same one as Teeth. Rated T to be safe. Chapter 12 is up. Hiatus

Road of Good Intentions: Elphaba Thropp leaves Kiamo Ko for Colwen Grounds. It is a Witch who returns in her place. Liir cannot tell if she is the tormentor or the tormented. My attempt to reconcile No Good Deed and the Book. I promptly lost control of it, though it started as a one-shot. I loved writing this. One OC. 8 chapters and an epilogue, though some of it is really very short. Rated T and I really think it needs to be. Very dark. Complete

Your Eyes Looking Like Coming Home: A bookverse one-shot where an injured Elphaba collapses when she gets back to her house. Fiyero is waiting and able to assist her. In doing so Elphaba finally finds her home. Based on the Emerald City part of the book. About 1000 words long. Romance/Drama.

The Words are Gone: Bookverse drabble about the emptiness that takes over Oz after Elphaba's melting, with a particular focus on words and a slight moral twist. There is a reference to Son of a Witch and the 'Elphaba Lives' propaganda. It's about 400 words long and the genres are not really that apt a description. Complete.

Detachment: Drabble about the mental process Elphaba must go through in order to simply get the job done. Based of the 2011 movie of the same name, I have used the ideas as oppose to any direct material, so disclaimer: I don't own it. Bit longer than Words. Genres not great descriptors. Complete.

Harry Potter:

Whims of Chaos: Chaos is at the centre of Severus Snape's life. He loves her dearly and she can teach him so much, if only he can hold onto her for long enough. Starts in the late 70's and travels through canon. Severus and OFC centric, NOT A PAIRING. This may change. Will be quite dark at points, so it earns it's T rating. And yes, I'm a Slytherin so I'm biased. Previously named 'Chaos Return to My Embrace' In Progress


I'm the Witch: The curse on the Witch of the Woods goes wrong and she finds herself in Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West rescues her. The Witch of the Woods can't help but meddle, with some interesting results. Wicked and Into the Woods (movie). This is going to be reasonably lengthy and significantly lighter than everything else. Credit to the artwork goes to ElphieIsPopular who is truly amazing and much appreciated. Chapter 12 is up. Hiatus

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