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Mostly made this account for following and reviewing stories.

I am currently working on a Iron Druid Chronicles, Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover though it is in need of heavy editing since it is at 500 pages so far. (and I refuse to post until it is complete)

Have started a HP/Buffy crossover. Starts out dark and then lightens to gray. Eventually will move to more action/adventure closer we get to 7th year. (by this time I hope i have actual character developed in the main cast.) Takes place after Buffy TV series (and only borrows bits and pieces from comics), and starts after Goblet of Fire. Main ship will be HP/Dawn, secondary ships: Ginny/Neville, Ron/OC (one of the new slayers) and either Hermione/Krum or Mione/OC (someone from Buffys team, most likely a researcher.) Main theme will be Harry taking control of his life. Some bashing but only towards the effect of the adult realizing how badly they've screwed this boys life up by trying to control and shape it to fit some prophecy or grand destiny. I am open to suggestions for ships in this one other than HP/Dawn and G/N, I have those ploted out already.

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