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Totally complete stories:

Hyrule Warriors: The War Across the Ages: When a love-struck witch wages war against Hyrule, no amount of dungeons can help stop them. Link, along with Impa, Zelda, and others must join forces through war, in both the past and present. This isn't the Legend of Zelda. This is Hyrule Warriors.

The Hero and the Pirate: When fate brings an island boy and a pirate girl together, things don't initially work out between them. But put them in a worldwide crisis, and guided by a talking boat, they'll have to work together to save Hyrule from evil by keeping the country in its tomb. Who knows, maybe a Hero and a Pirate can fall in love too.

New Game: For three years, I have lost to Hana "Dva" Song in the Gaming World Championships. But this year, after nearly defeating her last time, I planned on finally capturing gold. However, just when my preparations are nearly complete, the rules are changed: This year's Starcraft II competition will be co-op based, and my teammate is my best friend and worst enemy.

Before the Wild: Leading up to the events of Breath of the Wild, explore the past of Link and Zelda as they prepare for the eventual return of Calamity Ganon--and their eventual failure 100 years ago.

Attack on Titan: Vengeance Of A Human: That day, Joshua lost everything. His parents, his home, his life, all because the one that'll be known as the Armored Titan wrecked it all. He joins Eren, Armin, and Mikasa in their quest to fight back and retake Wall Maria-all the while preparing himself to exact vengeance on the Armored Titan. Follows the events of Attack on Titan 2 video game and the anime.

Youths Chosen By The Goddesses: In this four-part series, Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf join forces to defeat a mysterious evil ruling Hyrule set years after the events of "The Legend of Zelda" and "The Adventure of Link."

The Blacksmith and the Warrior: As the war between freedom and imprisonment in Sword Art Online comes to its final months, one of the heroes seeks to avenge his fallen friend and fulfill his promise to her. In the real world months later, he seeks to find happiness in love. In both worlds, his blacksmith is there by his side. Includes references to events and characters from the SAO game universe and Integral Factor. First story of the Crimson Warrior Chronicles.

Courage and Realization: Set during the Caliber/Mother Rosario Arcs and Hollow Realization, Jaymes joins Kirito, Asuna, and the gang on their quest to Jotunheim to recover the legendary sword Excalibur, meets the Absolute Sword Yuuki, and dive into a different death game Sword Art Origins. References include events and characters from the SAO game universe. Second story of the Crimson Warrior Chronicles

Currently in writing:

Hyrule Warriors: Revenge of the Dragon Knights: Set seven years after "War Across the Ages," Link, Zelda, Impa, Lana, and Josh reunite as the mysterious Dragon Knights awaken from a long slumber. However, while the enemy might be in front of them, their biggest fight will be with each other...

Vengeance Of A Human: Marley: Years after freeing Paradis and learning the truth of the world, Joshua and the Scouts prepare to take the fight to Marley. However, as their plans unravel, a traitor amongst them have plans of their own as the finale to the story of the 104th comes to an end.

Ordinal Dissonance: Set during the events of Ordinal Scale and Fatal Bullet's Dissonance of the Nexus, Kirito, Asuna, Jaymes, and their friends uncover a diabolical plot to take the memories of SAO survivors to recreate a scientist's daughter. When she later appears in GGO, the members of Crimson Squad must fight through the White Frontier to save her as well. Includes references to events and characters from the SAO game universe. Third story of the Crimson Warrior Chronicles

Squad Jam:

When one of their own threatens her life, LLENN enlists Fukaziroh, Jaymes, Kureha, Rei, and Zeliska to save Pitohui and M from death. But to do so, the six members of Crimson Squad must participate in the team-based tournament, Squad Jam.

Stories on hiatus: Level Up: A year after Hardin25 and Dva failed to win the Gaming World Championships, the pair are now competing for the undisputed title of best in the world. But not just of Starcraft, but of gaming as a whole. As they prepare, an old nemesis from their past logs on...

Stories in Development:

Alicization: Sacred Knight: When Kirito loses his sense of self in the Underworld and the Ocean Turtle is taken over by a mysterious force, Jaymes dives into the Underworld and joins two new new friends, the sole member of a disgraced noble family, Medina, and the Integrity Knight, Eydis Synthesis Ten, to save his friend and their world. Set before and during the War of Underworld Arc, with references to the video game universe. Fourth story of Crimson Warrior Chronicles

I also have a few one-shots and shorter-length stories done as well. Check those out.

I try to update as much as I can, so you'll always have something for at least one story a week. I won't try to go a complete month without updating something, at the most.

Thanks for looking at my profile, and if you desire, follow and favorite me and my stories. Drop a review if you love my work, or even need to criticize something. Thanks for the support!

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