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TinyFlyingFerret speaking. Some of you recognize the name BlackWing10. That is me, I just changed my name. Here I go. Just don't judge. I'm addicted to books, world travel, music (currently into Kpop and SHINee is my absolute fave, Onew biased. MVPs and Shawols hwaiting!!), animals, hobbits, drama (and really just all dramatic things in general), Dick Grayson/the original Robin/Nightwing, Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, Frodo and all things related to him, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko and all things related to him, Netflix, singing, long road trips, being with my family, holidays (vacations, all you Americans out there), video games, cooking and baking, babysitting and children, exploring, walking and playing with my adorable (yet enormous) German Shepherd, Rocky, (and my new GSD puppy Lily) listening to music and creating it, big words, magic and all magical things, film and filmography, writing my heart out, reading my heart out, writing extremely sad and emotional songs, poetry, nature, photography (adrianabgarcia_ on instagram if you're interested) and a whole lot of other things. I'm an ENFJ and an Aries. I'm a strong Christian and I go to church on a regular basis. Swearing doesn't bother me too much in stories but I don't really like it and I avoid it as much as I can although it doesn't take away my love of reading. Some favorite comics; All the super awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender comics that cleared up some important questions so now I can die in peace (The Promise, The Search, Smoke and Shadows, The Rift, etc.) Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Young Justice, so basically DC over Marvel, although I am chill with both. Very fond of The New 52 plot lines like The Court of Owls and Battle for the Cowl. I'm a Disney girl. I love love love Lord of the Rings, its story, messages, themes, films, music, characters, and just the enchantment of Middle Earth in general. Frodo is my absolute favourite ;) and Tolkien is my hero. Also Narnia, Percy Jackson, and all your usual magical fantasy adventures are also right up my alley. Well, I don't watch much TV, but when I do it's probably Stranger Things, Travelers, or Great British Baking Show on Netflix (variety amirite?) any good English period drama, a nature documentary, or Sherlock. And not to leave out the best "children's cartoon" out there, Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was basically my childhood and is such a profound series that deals with some really deep and interesting topics. Movie wise, let's see, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Hobbit (even though it's not quite as good), MCU stuff, the Batman trilogy, Inception, all those awesome 80s movies my mom made me watch... Yeah all Jane Austen movies and anything in that realm (classics, people). I'm a senior in high school right now, planning a gap year/missionary help year afterwards to get some more world travel in, and my parents are expecting a whole lot out of me. My sister says I'm nerdy. I connect a lot with characters that have internal conflicts and I'm very fond of your traitorous, mysterious types. Betrayal and triple-crossing people make a really interesting topic for me (*cough* Zuko). I started a singing group at my school and I love singing and acting. I have lived all over the world, especially the UK, and absolutely love literature, history, geography, and world-travel kind of stuff. Wanderlust has a serious hold on me, even when I've been there before. Not a math lover :/ and science interests me but I don't plan on doing it for the rest of my life...I'm currently in the USA with the awesomest family ever. I'm a girl, too, if I haven't mentioned that. ;). I hope you enjoy what I have to offer! ;)


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