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Hi. I don't know what write here.

I'm just a idiot who loves purple.

All you need to know :)

Okay, being seriously here now, darling:

My name is Bianca and I am from Brazil. I would love to say that I'm not from Rio de Janeiro and that it's a lot prejudice of you to think Rio is all that Brazil have, but yeah I live here c:

I read lot of books especially about history. History is the best thing ever. One day I will marry history and have a lot of history babies, just saying.

I write a little, but since english is not my native language I'm a little shy about publishing anything.

I'm pretty cocky but I have my reasons. It's not my fault that I'm such a amazing person. Don't blame me, blame my mom. Or God. Don't know, don't care, just saying: I'm great.

One funny piece of trivia about myself is that when something didn't end up like I would like, I just pretend it happened in my way. Musics, movies, tv shows, books... In everything.

For example, in my headcanon Sam and Cat never happened and neither did that nonsensical creddie kiss. Sam and Freddie end up together at same the prom Carly went with her father. It was a deleted scene at the script because of the idea of Sam and Cat (Sam wouldn't go to LA, if she was dating Freddie), but I would rather to Sam and Cat not happen than that.

Another example, in himym I can accept Lily having three kids and no career. Sad, but real life. I can accept Tracy gots sick. Sad, but real life (sometimes I can even accept she is dead, but most of the times she lives to me). I can accept the gang falling apart, because is real life that friends get apart and since Marshall and Lily were expecting, they kinda started to crash. I can't accept Barney and Robin getting a divorce and Barney getting a slut pregnant. Sad and unecessary after so much growing up of both theirs personality. They as characters deserve better. I can't accept Ted and Robin. Not in a million years. Total crap fairytale. Don't want it. Ever.

Favorite Book OTP: Percabeth

Favorite TV Show OTP: Seddie, Shamy, Swarkles and Zennie

Favorite Movie OTP: Not so much a movie person

NOTPs: Creddie, Jasiper, Lenny, Mosbasky, Gwen/Duncan.

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