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I'm a nineteen year old girl who has always loved writing. My fantasy makes me dream and see things inside my head that I would later write down. I have always done it since I was a little kid but the ideas have gotten a bit darker through the years, I admit. After I lost my beloved mother in the age of thirteen, I discovered that writing down my thoughts and feelings helped me a lot because I have never been good at expressing them out loud.

Another thing that helped me through my mothers sickness was the Harry Potter series. It was a nice place to go if I wanted to escape the real world for a little while. Living in these fantasies, though, isn't always healthy I know but it feels just so much better than the real world most of the time.

When Frozen came out I first thought it would be a bit lame. I was positively astounded. Before then my favorite disney movie was the little mermaid. But now I have no idea.

So Frozen made me create this account. What I really love about this movie is how it has the ability of making me wonder on and on. Like many other people I love the character Elsa because it is so easy to relate to her. All her struggles and inner conflicts, in which she considers herself a monster, are just so heartbreaking because she is just so innocent in this. And I really love how they demonstrate the differences between the two sisters when they grow up separately and don't effect each other in the process.

It was also in here I first discovered the Elsanna pairing and my shame free mind wouldn't keep off of the thought that these two should be together.

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