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Heyo, the name's Jordan (he/him or she/her). I barely use this site anymore but I mean... feel free to check out my stories and stuff.

Icon was made from a picrew by chemicataclysm!

1my AO3 is about as active writing-wise but I DO have a fic rec list there: https://archiveofourown(.)org/users/JordanTG/profile

Possible stories for the future:

Octopath Traveler Jobswap AU (plus another Octopath fic that idk how to explain)

Zero Escape fic - 999 but from Aoi's perspective

Maybe some D&D-related stuff?

FE3H groupchat fic

Stuff I'm currently reading/watching/playing/listening to:

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts (Netflix cartoon)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (JRPG)

The Magnus Archives (horror podcast)

Animal Crossing

Paranatural (webcomic)

Rusty Quill Gaming (actual play podcast)

Sleepless Domain (webcomic)

The Adventure Zone (actual play podcast, but a more popular one)

My own totally awesome D&D campaigns :3c

Random Quotes from me and my friends

"Hello, friend!"

"Every time I watch this, I think she's gonna bitch-slap him with that bucket!"


"I will make you BLEED Pepto-Bismol."

"'My hair poofs up when I feel strong emotion!!'"

"Guys help I'm drowning in bisexuality"

"How about... Salamander Zack"

"My toes are nice and smokey... I mean toasty"

"Kaede Akamatsu deserved better."

"I stepped on Aquaman and now my foot is bleeding"

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