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Skendo PM
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"What's Life Without Imagination, Magical Stories And Fictional Worlds To Escape Into?"

“You can make anything by writing.” ― C.S. Lewis

Hi, I'm Skendo,

I'm 24, live in the UK and read so much fanfiction, it's unhealthy - according to my family anyway!

I prefer to read, rather than writing. So, I'm not the best person at updating stories. But, when the writing mood hits, it hits hard.

So, I hope you enjoy the stories that I have started, and I hope you stick with me as I try and finish them!

Any questions about any of my creations, then feel free to PM me.

Now go! Get reading! You've got this whole site to explore and you're stuck here reading this! Look at my favourite stories and authors for some inspiration if you want.

Kind regards

Skendo :)

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