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I'm quite wacky, goofy, and a little funny at times. I have quite the sense of humor, or so I like to believe and have (rarely) been told. I love reviews (what author doesn't?), but I also love flames as well. Why? Well, simply because I love feedback, even if it's bad.

I'm not the best writer, far from it, but I personally think that I can be quite creative... Well, this site may be the exception. I'm not sure, I haven't read everything here, but I've read some absolutely amazing stories.


Stories I've Written, Posted, and Trashed (4/8 were trashed, 1/8 not yet posted):

Why?- Harry Potter- I've completely lost what the hell I was going for with this one, so I've gotten rid of it. For those who have read it (what little bit of an intro there was) and have been waiting for an update, I'm sorry, but, as I said, I have NO idea where I was going with that; I'm not sure I ever did.

Mia Auku- Harry Potter- This was a popular one (well, it was the one people read the most), but I must say: it was kind of badly written. Actually, it was really badly written. And the plot-line was going NOWHERE, so... yeah. For those that liked this one, I'm sorry, but I've (obviously) trashed it.

Wonderfully Different- Harry Potter- Yeah, this one was badly written as well; and, just like Why?, the plot really wasn't going anywhere. Again, sorry.

Offspring Inspired- Harry Potter- This one is still up (miraculously), but only because it was a one-shot and I think it was semi-well written, though full of clich├ęs (which was the whole point; that's the mood I was in at the time).

Mixed Musicals- Spectacular! and High School Musical Crossover- Was co-written with Shelby, and the story is no longer posted under her pen-name or mine. It wasn't really going anywhere and we kinda just lost our interest in it.

In Nomine Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritus Sancti- Boondock Saints- Co-written by Shelby, told in 1st person by both main characters. (Currently under hiatus; Shelby has writer's block.)

His First Kiss- The Walking Dead- Still up. Quick one-shot I wrote because the idea kept bouncing around my head while I was trying to write a new chapter for A Different Turn Of Events.

A Different Turn Of Events- The Walking Dead- Not yet posted.

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