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Hi, I'm known as Aniala, and my favorite fanfictions are from Harry Potter. I am really bad at spelling, so if my story's grammar is descent , you can thank my best friend and editor, Pendulum. If it sucks, I probably got impatient and posted a chapter without letting Pendulum look over it first. I'll try to update regularly but I can't make any promises because school comes first. I always love reading reviews, and I'll try my best to respond to all of the reviews that I receive. I hope to grow as an author by writing fanfiction. Shout out to my cat Noel for posing for pictures for my avatar!


"All stupid stories are my fault! Oh gosh, they probably think I'm fourteen. I'm fourteen and a half! JK."


And that's my editor.

"I'm actually sixteen and a fourth now!"


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