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Okay, I love fanfictions and I especially like to read Harry Potter, Sherlock, Merlin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis and Pride and Prejudice.

I'm going through a Harry Potter phase for the hundredth time now. I'm a major reader but I'll probably start posting some fanfics that I'm working on.

I'm from Brazil and I've learned English by myself so I'm really sorry for any mistakes.

I'm 23, but I’m not a very mature one so don't expect too much from me. XD

Ah! I'm an arts student and I love comic books.

My favorite TV show is Doctor Who and I usually don't like to read fanfics of it but love to see any references in fanfictions that are not related. :3

Eyes Through Time

AU! Time travel(ish)! Marlene receives Harry's memories from the future and tries to stop the prophecy from being made. Starts on first year at Hogwarts but will concetrated on the last years and later on the Order of the Phoenix. BlacKinnon, Jily and Snape/OC

Will be updated at least once a week but my goal is to do it twice. It's my main fanfiction. (ON GOING)

The one about Wolves

AU! Wolf!Sirius WolfStar! What happens when Sirius makes a mistake that ends up becoming a werewolf because of Remus? Will their friendship survive the feelings of the outcome? Will it became something more?

These fanfiction is a request by tigergirl-moonstar and will be updated ever fortnight. (ON GOING)

I'm also writing a fanfiction request by my friend Carlos but this one will be in my native language, portuguese. Soon I will be posting it.

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