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HI! Welcome to my fic account. Get ready for some really crazy shit! I really recommend mature people to read my fics, but I do have some fluffy nice fics, but PAY ATTENTION TO THE RATTING. I am not responsible for your outburst, or what makes you uncomfortab- SIKE! I am. However, I really do care for all of you, so if you have any problems or questions feel free to pm me. I write a lot of fics for different fandoms. Now let me tell you more about myself.

Hi! My name is dhaofha , but you can just call me L.

Anyways like I was saying. I have a fond of the arts! Includes many, many things:

Music (Band/Orchestra). Art, drawing. Writing Acting

I started seriously writing and drawing when I was in sixth grade. Our English teacher always had a friday writing journal we had to write stories in. Let's just say that I enjoyed it! In that year I stumbled over the very first fanfic I ever read. It was ZADR and boy was I in love with it. I then explored other fanfics of other fandoms and was aboard the fic train. I wrote some myself. (Found one of my first ones ever made and boy that was embarrassing) I also adopted a fond of drawing thanks to a dear friend of mine. I thank her for making me how I am today. Sadly we go to different schools now and we don't talk much, but I still remember her. I am very mature, which is why I'm pretty chill. I am also very random, which is why my friends tolerate and understand my weirdness.

I love talking about ships, or even just random things.

MY appearance:

I have this short, curly, Blackish-brown hair? I have dark brown eyes and wear black rectangular glasses. I'm 5'2, Ik pretty friggin short.

My pronouns are they/them/their. These really get to me if you misuse them.


Do you do requests?

It depends if I'm not busy, or I'm procrastinating because that's when I really will accept. (It has to be a oneshot though)

Am I allowed to pm you?

Sure thing! I'm always free to chat, but if I accidentally say something offensive to you, please address this issue. I would feel bad to have upset you.

Will you do shout outs?

If you have a story that you want a shout out on, I'll be happy to help. I'll also give my review.


I Probably have no intention to finish these fics and will probably delete this account soon if I decide to end the Creek and New Kid one. I still like them but not as obsessed.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy my fics! - L

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