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Title: Alike

Summary: Just like how she wasn't Kikyou, he wasn't Kyuubei... Inter-connected drabble

Naruto x Inuyasha, Friendship

Title: Not at Fault

Summary: To be honest, she never expected her changing of the past would affect the time stream so much. So what's this about a Hydra destroying Japan and China?

Warriors Orochi 3 x Inuyasha, Friendship & Humor

Title: Skin (I don't even... I'm bad at titles)

Summary: Sometime she wondered what type of pokemon she would be. Was she shy, but strong-willed like her Cyntaquil? Or maybe curious and ever-so clumsy like her Furret? Or maybe...

Pokemon (HeartGold/ SoulSilver), Friendship & Family

Title: Oracle at War

Summary: Hanbei needed to know how well his plan would work and if Hideyoshi would fall through as the new ruler of Japan… Lucky for him, he had heard rumours about a certain ‘Little Crane’ that lived in a shrine that could not only help him, but help the entire Toyotomi Clan.

(Slightly AU, SnarkyToyotomi!Tsuruhime)

Sengoku Basara, Action & Family

Title: Purple Rose

Summary: Love at first sight... It didn’t exist, or at least, that’s what Hanbei had originally thought. HideBei, oneshot drabbles

Sengoku Basara, Romance

Title: No Difference

Summary: She was Kagome, he was Souta, both born from a water tribe mother and a fire bender father. One came with the ability to bend fire, yet her power had the attribute of water to be calm and spiritual. The other came with the ability to bend water, yet his power had the attribute of fire, destructive and uncontrolled. Together, they will create and mark their place in history.

Avatar - The Last Airbender x Inuyasha, Adventure & Friendship

Title: Yin and Yang

Summary: ‘Yin and Yang, black and white... it makes gray. Something not pure, yet not evil.’ Kagome mused to herself, ‘If I’m Yin, I wonder whose my Yang?’ Drabbles KagomexGuys

Inuyasha, Romance

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