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... I have no idea as to what to put here.

So, uhh... Hi?

Some quick things about Aftermath:

Death Battle combatants only. Side characters, One Minute Melee, DBX, Cartoon Fight Club, and Fatal Fiction are a no-go.

The heroes (And Bowser) are the primary characters in the main Hotel.

Now has a TvTropes page.

tvtropes org /Fanfic/AftermathTheDBChronicles

Have fun reading.

I have a parteon page (Yes, I know it's misspelled). Search CJSlashX to donate

There's a tumblr that you can follow. aftermathdb tumblr com (I'm sure you know what to do with the spaces)

And there's my own, personal one. dudeblade tumblr com (Again, I hope you know what to do with the spaces.

Please refrain from contacting me personally on this site about anything I've done on any other site. Just contact me there.

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