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Hello, I'm just a person that you don't care about on the internet reading some fanfics. I'm hoping to find some good stories and will give constructive criticism to stories I believe needs improvement.

Current works:

Undertale: The Chronicles of the Purple Soul

Planned works:

Undertale: What is Justice?: (Short story) This story will basically be about the conflict between the yellow soul and one of my Ocs that appeared in my current fanfic. It will talk about how the yellow soul met their demise as well as the OC. Kinda like an epilogue to the OC. But I won't start it until I reach the end of the purple soul's story or at the very least the important parts that'll transpire.

Planned (Possible) works:

I might do a story on the light blue souls perspective. No promises! A Background story on one or two of my ocs that will appear in the Purple souls story. You know as some kind of introduction to themselves.

Current interests: Undertale, Steven Universe, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Dragon Ball Super and etc.

Deviantart Page: https://

Fav Characters from different series and games: (not in order)

Undertale- Sans (Loved his puns and I like the whole mystery vibe from him), Papyrus (He's too precious not to love!), Toriel (I always loved the motherly characters. They are usually so calming when they're not dead .), Asgore (He is such a big goof that its adorable. I don't approve of what he did, but at the time, he got himself into a situation that was hard to just drop his plan when everyone was counting on him and the fact he most likely didn't enjoy having all the innocent humans slaughtered.)

Total Drama Series- Alejandro (One of the best villians I have seen in the TD, though he is borderlining on a Villian-stu), Heather (The orginal villian and was a anti-hero, whats not to like about her?), Brick (a True hero, but yet wasn't in All-stars? I'm calling BS!), Jo (Competitve, funny, and Interesting to watch), Gwen (Loved her in TDI, iffy in TDA and TDWT, And a little weirded out in TDAS), Trent (I'm sorry but he was funny when he went 9 crazy in TDA and loved him in TDI), Cameron (Three words: Iron Man Suit. Need I say anymore?), Leshawna, Ella, Scarlett , McCarther, Kitty (the smarter version of Lindsay), Enmu & Crimson (One of the cutest couples ever, but they're not on my absolute favs list) and Sierra (Was she creepy yes, mostly in TDAS and we all know how that season went. But she was hilarious and fun to watch for the most part).

Steven Universe- Rose (She's comes off as sweet and naive, it's adorable! X3), Steven (He is sweet and naive, like mother like son... I guess???), Garnet (Normally I'm not a fan of yuri, but I'll make an exception with Garnet. She is just awesome), Connie, and Greg (He's a devoted father and so sweet to his son!:3)

Gravity Falls- Mabel (She kinda reminds me of myself, except more adorkable), Wendy (just a typical badass), Gruncle Stan (Hilarious, Awesome, and Caring to his niece and nephew, I can't help but love this guy!)

Bully- Gary, Zoe, and Johnny

Persona 3&4- Main protagonists, Junpie, Fuuka, Ryoji/Pharos, Kanji, Yukiko, Nagato, and Nanako

AOT- Levi, Hanji, Mina, Petra, Mikasa, and Armin

MLP- Fluttershy, Luna, Vinyl Scratch, and Twilight Sparkle

Disliked Characters:

TDS- Courtney (hypocrite), Mike/Mal (Gary-stu), Duncan (Mostly because of his fan-girls), Zoey (Mary-sue), Amy and Staci (purely from her talking too much about her ancestors and their supposed "inventions")

Bully- Algie, Angie, and Seth

Persona 3&4- None at the moment

AOT- That damn Smiling Titan

MLP- Snips and Snails

Fav couples:

Undertale- Soriel (I feel like they can really work of each other and they really seem to enjoy each others company), Charisk (depending how the story is written), Early Asriel/asgorxtoriel (They were cuter before all shit went to hell. And I find it will be difficult for them getting back together; especially how their marriage basically ended.)

TDS- Aleheather, Jock, Gwent or Gwuncan, and Sam/Dakota

Bully- Zoe and Jimmy

Persona 3&4- Kanji/Nagato, Protagonist/Yukiko, and Junpie/Chidori

AOT- Levi/Petra or Levi/Hanji, and Mikasa/Eren

MLP- Twilight/Flash Sentery, and Rainbowdash/Soarin

Disliked Couples:

TDS- Duncney (They had a good run in tdi, but Courtney became way to controlling.), Justher( Makes no sense to me, I was surprised they even had a fanbase!), Harold/Leshawna (idk, never really understood this either, but they can be funny at times.), Zoke (Love at first sight, ok cute, but what about any development in the relationship? No? Just going to rely on blinded love... oook...),and NoCo (created by a goof when someone kiss a person's ear in their sleep... IT MUST BE TRUE LOVE!!!) , & anything yaoi or yuri

Others- Anything that involves fanon yaoi or yuri! Seriously! Unless if it makes some sense as to why the characters are paired up I'll be fine with it.

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