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I am a married 40 year old female. A loving puppy parent (mini dachshund named Abby). I was/am an elementary teacher (once a teacher always a teacher), who had to retire due to chronic illness. I loved teaching with all my heart and my students were my kids (some who still call when they need an ear to listen) most of which are all grown now.

I love reading fanfiction! You wonderful writers may notice my reviews are sent at odd times, I usually read late at night/very early morning or at any time of day. I appreciate the time and creativity you wonderful writers give to your stories. For some of us who can't get out much, it is hours of living vicariously through your great imaginations that make some days bearable. Never think your time is wasted or unappreciated because of an ugly review or remark. Haters will always hate. Don't worry there are so many more of us out there that hang on your every word.

I am a huge QAF Brian and Justin (who strangely are lot like my husband and myself, not to mention that Gale Harold is God's gift to the human race!) fan and NCIS Tibbs fan!! I love knowing that I am not the only straight woman who finds slash hot and entertaining.

I also read some Fringe and Dawsons Creek (I just love Joshua Jackson), Roswell and Pretty Little Liars (Ezra and Aria) stories. I always try to leave honest heartfelt reviews, never flame, but really get upset by multi-chaptered unfinished stories. I just get so emotionally involved with a good story that I get left with a hole in my heart when a story goes unfinished.

Maybe someday I will get the courage to write my own story, but until then I will enjoy reading yours!

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