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Joined May '14

My name is Ben 1000016.

My favorite games are about almost everything from Minecraft to Zelda.

My favorite shows are Ben 10(It's like my #1),Generator Rex,Gravity Falls,Adventure Time,Regular Show,and pretty much a lot of other stuff.

My favorite Anime shows are Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail.

My favorite movies are The Avengers,Iron Man 3,The Amazing Spider-Man,The Dark Knight.

My hobbies are Watching vids on YouTube,Playing Video Games,and Reading stories on FanFiction.

My favorite stories here on the site are Ben 10:Unlimited by The Incredible Muffin(Go check it out),We're all Monsters by Creaturemaster(Go check it out).

Pretty much I love everything Ben 10.

My favorite Ben 10 aliens are Waybig,Swampfire,Feedback,Humungousaur,Four Arms,XLR8,Ripjaws,Stinkfly,Blitzwolfer,Upchuck,Ditto,Rath,Alien X,Lodestar,Brainstorm,Echo Echo,Wildmutt,Articguana,Spitter,Nanomech,Jetray,Big Chill,Clockwork,Fasttrack,Terraspin,NRG,Water Hazard,Chamalien,Eatle,and every alien in the whole franchise.

I have one request for anyone reading this is to make a Ben 10/Adventure Time crossover.

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