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Hello I'm Silver.Vivi!

There's not much to say about me, I'm more of a reader than a writer. Trust me, I've tried. I am a horrible writer so I really applaud to all writers out there, y'all so amazing.

I've accidentally discovered this site nine years ago and safe to say, the fanfiction community has been a place of comfort for me through all these years. A place where I could feel truly like myself and just let go you know? I never really dare to mention that I basically live in this community to anyone I actually know in real life because all I get is judgement the first few times I've tried to shared this part of me to others. Is it really that weird? Apparently so...

It's kind of addicting if you get me? To immerse yourself into a whole new fascinating world that's an almost entirely different from what is already known to you, fanfiction is bloody amazing. The things I've read here, I'm just so amazed by the creativity, passion and dedication that the authors of this community have in their works. It's really awe-inspiring. Thank you for sharing your amazing and wonderful content with us, I can never be thankful enough for the enjoyment that the fics I've read brought to me...

Anyway, enough about me gushing about authors. Like I said, I don't really write so this is just basically an account with a collection of bookmarks/favorites of all the stories I've encountered over the years that I absolutely loved. It's literally a mixed of a lot of fandoms; anime, books, movies, series and what not since I've dipped in and out in a lot of fandoms. Though you'll notice an abundance of Harry Potter fics, that's because it's the fandom that actually introduced me into this community. I absolutely recommend to try reading the fics that's in my favorites!

PS. I don't really know why I'm writing this but I've been cringing every single time I visit my profile and see my previous bio whenever I'm checking for updated fics so I kinda decided to revise it to save myself from more embarrassment. I absolutely have no clue what my younger self was thinking when she posted that as a bio, I'm rolling in my figurative grave...

PPS. I also don't if anyone is actually ever gonna read this but thank you for visiting my profile and i'm open to pms if y'all ever want, have a nice day and let me tell you that you are an awesome human being!! Keep on striving forward, you're doing an amazing job!

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