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This is for recommending the stories of others as well as writing. I'm one of the most convincingly happy people that you will ever meet in real life, but I come here to release my inner angst. I took some of the pictures for my story covers, which...seem to feature my hands a disproportionate amount of the time. I have a special passion for editing, but have yet to bother with setting up a beta account yet. My eyes aren't actually blue. I have blandly stated everything in this paragraph rather than use varying sentence structure.

Personal facts:

I have a make: I have commitment problems. I cower away from the idea of writing my own chaptered fics, for fear of losing interest, wasting time, and garnering the ire of any small (read: miniscule--c'mon, let's be realistic now) fanbase I might manage to accumulate. However, I'm working up my courage. Lend me some motivation? (Why hello there, blatant fishing for reviews.)

I also like to do this thing where I use the number of chapters, the date of publishing, and the current day/month/year to calculate the average length of time between updates of a chaptered fanfic, which I then leave in an annoying review. Because of this habit, I decided to title myself the Terrible Totaler of Time Between Updates. You know I actually enjoy writing because I just had to make it alliterative. ;)

My name: classified, 1. because I hate it, and 2. because I also hate internet stalkers. So you can call me Isis (Egyptian goddess, relating to 'star'), Aster, (short for 'Asterisk', but also, asters are my birth month flower), or Rose (dunno about that one. I guess I've always just had a thing for flower names). Recap: call me Aster, Rose, or Isis, but I usually close my reviews etc. with 'Isis'.

Age: old enough that all I'm going to say is 'NO I'M NOT TELLING STAY AWAY FROM ME.'

Gender: I go by 'Isis' or 'Rose'. Yes. Female.

Personality: sweet until I get online. My inner sarcasm itches for relief.

Fictionpress: Asterisk Blue

Disclaimer-ish thing. All stories favorited have the Aster Seal of Approval. All favorited authors have a blanket Seal of Approval on all their work, but the ones favorited I hold near and dear. If you can recommend a good Naruto, please do. Thank you, that is all.

And for my BIGGEST pet peeve: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, USE THE WORD 'ORBS'! But seriously though. Don't.

To round it all off: I desperately need a beta. Normally I love editing, but I see my own work from an inside point of view. PM me if interested.



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