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127 Parenthood » by PlaidIsTheBestPattern Snippets in the lives of Guts and Casca as parents, if the eclipse had not occurred. Some will be short, some will be long(ish); some are meant to be humorous, some, serious. They will not necessarily be connected or sequential. Dedicated to those who, in their weakness (like me), long for some happiness in poor old Guts' life.
Berserk, T, English, Family & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 15, words: 30k+, favs: 245, follows: 186, updated: 5/26 published: 7/4/2015, Guts, Casca
475Faith » by Jody Barsch If Beth had NOT been kidnapped and Daryl and she had stayed on the road together: On the road, searching for safety, searching for community, keeping an eye out for their dispersed group, Daryl and Beth make a go of it as best they can, becoming a solid unit of two. Encountering both the living and the dead, they must fight not only for survival but for faith the fight is worth it.
Walking Dead, T, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 74, words: 235k+, favs: 245, follows: 338, updated: 12/2/2020 published: 5/3/2014, Beth G., Daryl D.
32Casca Comes Home » by stingingcake One of my ideas on when Casca comes back and after. This is the happy version, so idk. summary: Casca and Guts have a much needed conversation, laugh some, and cry some. (rated T because it is Berserk) (also this is Gutsca because shut up) So far this has been a series of out of order one shots that turned into a continuation of sorts.
Berserk, T, English, Romance & Family, chapters: 29, words: 55k+, favs: 95, follows: 70, updated: 8/31/2020 published: 6/18/2017, [Guts, Casca]
11 Tattoos » by grimmswan a conversation about tattoos
Grimm, T, English, Humor, chapters: 2, words: 1k+, favs: 69, follows: 22, updated: 6/8/2020 published: 3/12/2016
19Deliverance » by truelove93 This is my re-telling of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. The way it should have ended for all the characters involved.
Game of Thrones, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 5, words: 20k+, favs: 43, follows: 47, updated: 5/24/2020 published: 11/7/2019, Daenerys T., Jon S.
73The King of Winter - The Ascension of Robb Stark » by Mojito Mussolini Robb Stark, The Young Wolf, The King of Winter. The greatest fighter and commander of his age. This is a story of how he defined a golden era of an entire continent along with his wife Margaery Stark, The Queen of Winter, after crushing his enemies in the War of the Five Kings.
Game of Thrones, T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, chapters: 6, words: 29k+, favs: 321, follows: 452, updated: 4/7/2020 published: 2/17/2018, [Robb S., Margaery T.] Jon S., Eddard S.
776Infinite Diversities: Book One » by Gentleman Bystander First in a series of overlapping stories, this tale follows everyone's favorite inter-species couple in a very very VERY AU setting where the Eugenics War went decidely different and first contact was much earlier.
StarTrek: Enterprise, T, English, Drama & Sci-Fi, chapters: 102, words: 803k+, favs: 280, follows: 274, updated: 10/8/2019 published: 3/29/2012, [C. Tucker, T'Pol] [E. Hernandez, J. Archer]
417The White Dragon » by AaronAlvin The boy's mother and father lay dead, and his life was in danger so long as he stayed in Westeros. Holding the infant, Ser Arthur Dayne knew only two things now, he had to keep his promise to Lyanna, and he had to ensure Jon Targaryen one day would sit upon the Iron Throne. AU, R L J (Rated M for Sexual Themes, Blood and Gore, Language, and Violence)
A song of Ice and Fire, M, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 18, words: 61k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 6/2/2019 published: 7/20/2016, Daenerys T./Dany, Jon S., Eddard S./Ned, Arthur D.
96 The Kings in the North » by xMissWhitneyBexx What if Robb listened to his mother shortly before her death and ran away. On the verge of death and taking to hiding after the North is taken by the Boltons, Robb finally reunites with Jon at Castle Black, revenge in his heart and the hope to take back Winterfell and fight behind the Wall with his brother.
Game of Thrones, T, English, Family, chapters: 56, words: 232k+, favs: 310, follows: 243, updated: 4/10/2019 published: 1/3/2019, Jon S., Robb S.
293The Queen Gambit » by nectere13 Margaery Tyrell, unwilling to marry a man in love with her brother decides her own course of action, and find a king she could support. She plans ahead and takes a few thousand men, and more loyal to her with carts of the fruits of The Reach to support Robb Stark, even though she has to get through the Lannisters first.
A song of Ice and Fire, T, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 16, words: 44k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 3/4/2019 published: 11/27/2014, [Margaery T., Robb S.]
1k+King's Blood Fool's Blood » by Will 0'the Wisp Traumatised and demoralised after surviving the Red Wedding, Robb is a virtual prisoner at Riverrun and hope is fading fast. Widowed on her wedding day, Margaery is disillusioned and drifting until she joins her brothers on a diplomatic mission to the Riverlands. Neither realise they are each other's last chance. Robb x Margaery and Jon x Dany
Game of Thrones, T, English, Drama & Angst, chapters: 42, words: 209k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 2/18/2019 published: 4/20/2017, Daenerys T., Jon S., Margaery T., Robb S.
89Defiance » by Skyress It had come full circle, her dragons grown, an army at her back. Daenerys had arrived at Westeros shores, seeking alliance in the north she discovered more than a brooding Jon Stark. An expedition beyond the wall to find a wight may prove fatal for the wolf and dragon. Will fire and ice ignite? Jon/Dany.
Game of Thrones, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 5, words: 19k+, favs: 146, follows: 208, updated: 2/13/2019 published: 6/26/2018, Daenerys T., Jon S.
258The Wrath of Winter » by SilverDust09 Jon dies by the hands of the Night King and is sent back to the day of his first resurrection. Pairings: Daenerys x Jon, Sansa x Willas Tyrell, Arya x Gendry
Game of Thrones, M, English, Suspense, chapters: 20, words: 88k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 11/22/2018 published: 6/24/2018, [Jon S., Daenerys T.] [Arya S., Gendry W.]
107 Winter's Thaw » by CoolChica87 Arya is determined to have justice, secure her family's legacy, and make it home to Winterfell. First, she must defeat her enemies and form new alliances, including an arranged marriage with a legitimized Baratheon Blacksmith. She may yet come to love him, if the violence surrounding her doesn't ruin it first.
Game of Thrones, M, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 37, words: 162k+, favs: 255, follows: 274, updated: 8/17/2018 published: 1/5/2015, [Gendry W., Arya S.]
50 Game of Thrones: The New Stark » by Assassin master ezio 91 Gendry is married to Arya and they live with her family in Winterfell; while still considered unorthodox due to Arya pretty much being free to do as she pleases, such as swordplay; they are happy. Yet Gendry's marriage has introduced him to a difficult world, the world of the nobility and with a visit from the King of the Iron Throne, everything he's learned will be put to the test
Game of Thrones, T, English, Romance & Family, chapters: 10, words: 8k+, favs: 52, follows: 35, updated: 8/17/2018 published: 8/9/2018, [Arya S., Gendry W.]
3k+Dragons of Ice and Fire » by serpentguy There are things hidden in the far north, secrets buried under ice. Jon Snow faces the white walkers early, and stumbles upon a power that could change the world. It forges a new path for him and everyone around him - and a new journey south, a journey as a dragon. The world begins to change - with steel and snow, fire and blood...
A song of Ice and Fire, M, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 51, words: 880k+, favs: 3k+, follows: 3k+, updated: 7/29/2018 published: 10/22/2016, Jon S.
99Wolf in a Rose Garden » by TheScaryDoor195 Robert Baratheon is furious with Mace Tyrell for not only siding with the Targaryens but also refusing his call in the Greyjoy Rebellion. Robert with the help of Varys devise a plan to punish him. He legitimizes Ned Stark's Bastard and sends him to be fostered in Highgarden where he will marry Margaery Tyrell once they come of age. Uses some book cannon and some show cannon.
Game of Thrones, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 4, words: 9k+, favs: 424, follows: 569, updated: 5/13/2018 published: 4/28/2018, [Jon S., Margaery T.] Loras T.
48You Will Be Found » by shannyfish Picks up from where the season five finale (5x23 - Lian Yu) leaves off.
Arrow, K, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 9, words: 30k+, favs: 115, follows: 201, updated: 5/13/2018 published: 5/26/2017, [Felicity S./Overwatch, Oliver Q./Arrow/Green Arrow] John D./Spartan, Thea Q.
87 Warriors » by jrrm64 The final story in the Warrior trilogy.
StarTrek: Enterprise, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 16, words: 38k+, favs: 46, follows: 42, updated: 4/19/2018 published: 5/31/2017, [C. Tucker, T'Pol] J. Archer, M. Reed
100Elder Dragon's Wisdom » by Bad Ass Female Fighter AU: What if Aemon lived just a tad longer to meet Daenerys before he dies. See how the oldest dragon alive gives the Dragon Queen some last bit of advise before his time comes. Jonerys eventually. Set after S7E3.
Game of Thrones, T, English, Family & Romance, chapters: 5, words: 11k+, favs: 344, follows: 475, updated: 3/28/2018 published: 11/16/2017, Daenerys T., Jon S., Aemon T.
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