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Hi, this is "BloodyFalcon187". On May 15'th 2014, I created this account after accidentally stumbling upon this website while I was searching Black Lagoon on google. It actually happened on the late night of Wednesday May 14'th 2014 Around 11:30PM. I was just a freshman in high school back then, and I was staying up late watching Black Lagoon, and reading up on the wiki page I had found on google. I cant remember clearly how I found it, but in the google search results was a link to one of the older/classic, and more beloved Black Lagoon fanfiction stories; "Shut-Up". By -Randomonium. The story was posted on Oct 27th 2008. And it had a element to it. Great one-shot by the way, shot out to you once again Randomonium for creating such a good story to bless me on the google algorithm! But it was this story that reeled me in, to the world of fanfiction, and shortly after, I created my account on the very early morning of Thursday May 15th 2014 around 1AM. I was hooked on reading fanfiction, and I am still addicted as a result! I even tried very briefly to write, and I even had a small following on a pretty badly written story for Black Lagoon. The story was called "Rock's Need for Speed." And it was posted on Jun 2nd 2014, Courtesy of the waybackmachine. Thank god! I have proof of my old story(ies) and profile thanks to the waybackmachine. Finding it was not easy, I couldn't even find my story or profile in the Black Lagoon section using the wayback machine. I had to go to the High School of the Dead section using the waybackmachine, and click on a story I knew I read before back in 2015 and left a review on. By clicking the reviews to the story I was able to find myself in the review section and viola! I got to take screenshots of everything that the waybackmachine preserved. Which wasn't much.

However, if you would like to see the archives of my old profile and stories, the links are here:




So much time has passed and everyday I wonder what all the old authors I used to interact with are doing today. It's such a different time than it was back then. Some may even have died over all the years passed. It's really heartbreaking to me, thank you to all the people who are reading this, whether you are a reader or another author. My love for the community on this website is heartfelt. I don't know at this point if I'll ever get the courage and the spark to create and post a story here again, but I'm always day dreaming it.

I'd like to post a special thanks, and pay tribute to everyone over the years.


The Crimson Harbinger - My First reviewer on Rock's need for speed! Thank you!

jm1681 - Legendary Black Lagoon and High School of the Dead writer. One of the Old Guard. Who gave me advice on writing. I feel blessed to have talked to you so much in PM's back in the day. Thank you so much!

SSpeedTMX - For being so passionate about cars and shamelessly schooling me in the DM's.

demonicDRAMAqueen - Another Black Lagoon author who left

The Carnivorous Muffin - Replied to a review I left on his/her Black Lagoon short. waybackmachine'd their profile when i couldn't find the story. Found out this author is a Leviathan of content! Over 200 Stories wrote back in the day, and now they are all seemingly gone? What happened!

victor1706 - The first reviewer on my High School of the Dead story that lasted like 1 chapter. Nether Apocalypse. Based off the early access game from 2014 "Nether".

COBRASTEVE - Another one of the many reviewers from back in the day on my Black Lagoon story.

BigCountry75 - The one and only, Redneck from Roanapur! Thank you for being a friend! Another blessing to have talked so much with you!

Jacob.Uzumaki - One of my earliest reviewers! Noticed you posted a new story in 2022, glad to see you're still here with me lurking on this website and fandom!

imhererepresent - The king of the Infinite Stratos fandom on this website! I am to this day, so sad that you passed away on Christmas of 2016. I still remember that year, and the wait for your promised Christmas theme'd chapter never came...Found out later in the reviews from one of your relatives, the bad news... Your writing lives on forever in tribute to you!

MTCicero - For making one of the greatest Legend of Zelda stories I have ever read. Sadly, you stopped updating it back in 2018. Or showing any signs of life for that matter...

I really hope you are okay.


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