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As the name suggests, I will be writing all kinds of smut for different franchises out there. If you have a request for a certain smut filled story please do not hesitate to PM me. So don't be shy, I wont' judge in the slightest at how lewd, messed up, fetish filled it is.

Current Lemon Stories Published and in the works:

Boost (Highschool DxD Lemon Series) Incomplete

Official Summary: Xenovia is being more then a little aggressive with what she wants, however upon getting Issei to use the boosted gear on himself things start to spiral out of control as Issei begins to find himself in very awkward, sexy situations that just might help the Devil Race repopulate, among other things.

What a Goddess Sees (KonoSuba Lemon Series) Complete

Official Summary: Late at night within the stables, a Goddess has been waiting and a Teenage boy can no longer hold out. The inexperienced Aqua sees something she thought she knew about but when she witnesses the raw truth of the matter, something awakens within her, can Kazuma deal with this new side of the Goddess he brought to a new world?

Hostess of Fertility (DanMachi smut story (Crossdressing/Femdom/Futa) Incomplete

Official Summary: Returning to the Hostess of Fertility to pay for his meal that he had run out on, Bell is forced to become a worker under Mama Mia's rule. The thing is Mama Mia only hires maids. Now forced to work as a waitress his eyes are open to the world of a few select woman in Orario from Goddesses to the Guild with something extra that they are all to willing to give to Bell. (Futa Warning)

Dungeon Escapades (Black Cover Oneshot (Tentacles/Brainwashing) Complete

Official Summary: During episode 14 Asta and Noelle were set on by a Tentacle Beast until the Golden Dawn saved them, what if the tentacle beast had it's wicked way with both of them first?

Final Training on the Wall (Danmachi Lemon (Threesome) Incomplete

Official Summary: With the battle with the Apollo Familia looming, Bell's training with Aiz and Tiona comes to an end. However the Amazon doesn't want it to end and neither does the Sword Princess. With a Final bout of 'training' between the three, Bell heads to the War Game a little more confident after that night.

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