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~ Hello, my name's Cherry! ~

I happen to be a bisexual, 16 year old girl from the south who has a thing for anime bad boys... or any bad boys for that matter... =v=

I'm a lover of music, art, and literature. I love Hollywood Undead, Fall Out Boy, Slipknot, 3OH!3, and many more bands. Some of my favorite books are Grey by Pete Wentz and the Crank series by Ellen Hopkins. While I love humor, dark and disturbing themed writings are also a huge interest of mine. I love horror movies, even though I still get scared!

OTP's: Hinata. Just Hinata. She's impossibly cute! *–* So... GaaHina, HidaHina, DeiHina, KashiHina/KakaHina and some SasuHina. For things not involving Hinata, I like SakuIno. Don't judge me! I have a soft spot for the rivals turn to lovers troupe...

I also feel very passionately about sour skittles and Dr. Pepper.

A SURVIVER of sexual and physcial abuse! We are strong humans and we aren't broken! :)

~ Currently updating BARB WIRE ~

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