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Hello everyone,i am canonman89,i am new to the writing game but,i will improve with time. As you notice in my name,i love canon.i love when everything is connected and or related to a story. When i first started on this site a few years ago,i was just like you,a reader then,i decided to give this author thing a shot. Now,when i make my stories,i'll make them true to canon in every way,i am not one of those authors that make Au's or make a story that is non-canon,no,my stories will stay true to every book,movie,TV and game,my stories will be continuations to everything you read,watch or play.

Here is a list of my favorite books,movies,TV,and games in category order:


Harry Potter

Percy Jackson

Heroes of Olympus

Twilight (cause am a romantic and i love a great storyline)

The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (cause J.R.R. Tolkien is the greatest author ever!)

A Song of Ice and Fire series (am getting the series for Christmas,cant wait till the 6th book)


Star Wars (best sci-fi franchise ever,and yes,i am a star wars fan)

Pirates of the Caribbean series


Doctor Who (10 and 11 are the best,12 too)

Once Upon A Time (best show ever)

Power Rangers

Gargoyles (best show in the 90's)

Game of Thrones (my grandma got me into it and its awesome)


Assassin's Creed (best game franchise ever)

The Legacy of Kain series


Batman Arkham series

Now,here are a series of stories i will write (till i finish the books i am reading):

The Guardians of Camp Tolkien- It is a 5 fanfic series about four friends who are hardcore Tolkien fans who discovered a camp in England where the Children of Men learn and train to become warriors, the four friends are then chosen to become the camps' next guardians. Now,as the guardians of the camp,they will not only defend the camp itself but, to defend the entire world from the dark forces of old Middle Earth including an old enemy that will return to bring the world in his rule. This series,like Percy Jackson,will be a series mixing Tolkien's world with the modern world and will be based on the Hobbit and LOTR books.

The League:Earth's Extraordinary Heroes- This story is about the world facing an ultimate evil that can't be stopped. Now,the only way to stop this threat,is to call in a team; a team of extraordinary individuals with extraordinary abilities. This is a superhero crossover fic featuring every hero that made an impact on TV,books and gaming,they are The League(not to be confused with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Join The 11th Doctor and Clara Oswald from Doctor Who as they assemble Harry Potter,Percy Jackson,Edward Cullen,Jacob Black, and Desmond Miles as they battle to save the world without killing each other first. Can they stop the ultimate evil? or will they bicker at each other in the end?

Also i like to put out,that i'll be adding myself in the fics i will be writing,i don't know if its been done before or if its' allowed but, if it is i would be happy to do it for now on.

thank you.

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