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Welcome to the wonderful world of warriors!

I am scarletpool, a warrior and queen. if you wish to use my name, pm me

I only accept the request if it fits my character, ok?

I only review OR read Warrior cat FF. haters gonna hate!

I'll Remember you

A pretty long poem... be prepared

"I'll remember Brightheart,

When I see a scar on someone's face,

I will think of Windclan,

Every time I win a race,

I'll remember Tallstar,

whenever I make a bad decision,

And I will remember Willowshine,

If I have a vision,

I'll remember Honeyfern,

When I see a snake,

I'll remember Cloudstar,

When I must choose the path to take,

I'll remember Dawnpelt,

When a sibling dies,

And I'll remember Pinestar,

When I'm not sure where my loyalties lie,

I'll remember Silverstream,

When I see a young mother,

I'll remember Violet,

When I worry about my brother,

I will remember Goosefeather,

When nobody believes me,

I will think of Scourge,

When someone's teased me,

I'll remember Mothwing,

When I find it hard to believe,

I'll be reminded of Princess,

When I see someone,who seems naive,

I'll always think of Heathertail,

When someone wants to be "just friends",

I will think of Starclan,

When I am near the end,

I will think of Tawnypelt,

Whenever I feel judged,

I will think of Darkstripe,

when someone holds a grudge,

I promise too remember Cinderheart,

when I climb a tree,

I'll remember Midnight,

Whenever I'm at sea,

I'll remember Leafpool,

When I must follow my heart,

I'll remember Hollyleaf,

If I ever fall apart,

I'll remember Brambleclaw,

When I must prove myself,

I'll remember Spottedleaf,

When I'm suffering from bad health,

I'll remember Lionblaze,

When I am feeling strong,

I'll remember Tigerstar,

If I choose the path thats wrong,

I'll remember Dovewing,

When I hear of something far away,

I'll remember Cloudtail,

When a kitten catches their first prey,

I'll remember Bluestar,

Whenever I must choose,

I'll remember Crowfeather,

When the one I love, I lose,

Feathertail will be in my mind,

Whenever I must be brave,

And I'll remember the Tribe,

When I'm in a cave,

I'll remember Ashfur,

When someone breaks my heart,

I'll remember Barley,

When me and my sibling are far apart,

I'll remember Ivypool,

When I try to be the best,

I'll remember Firestar,

When my loyalty is put to the test,

I'll remember Crookedstar,

When someone abandons me,

I'll remember Ravenpaw,

If I ever have to flee,

I'll remember Jayfeather,

When I have a strange dream,

I'll think of Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt,

whenever I eat cream,

I'll always think of Cinderpelt,

Whenever my leg is sore,

I'll remember Longtail,

When I can see no more,

I'll remember Squirrelflight,

When the one I love, casts me away,

I'll remember Yellowfang,

When I can no longer stay,

I will think of Mosskit,

When someone dies young,

And I'll think of Berrynose,

When I must hold my tongue,

I will think of Breezepelt,

When I feel betrayed,

I will always think of Smudge,

When a cat is spayed,

I'll remember the any battles,

When I see conflict or strife,

I promise to remember all these cats,

For the rest of my life"

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