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The Fifth Horseman PM
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Greetings, Fellow Fictioneers!

I am the Fifth Horse(wo)man of the Apocalypse. You may call me Phil.

I have decided to use this profile space to issue a small warning.

No story appearing under this name will have a rating under "T", and will more usually be "M".

This is mostly due to massive amounts of violence, and also a couple sexy situations. But mostly violence.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

I should probably warn you all that my cousin gave me this account after he got fed up with ffnet's suspending him for no reason. That means if you're only reading this because he used to write in it, you're in for a rather nasty shock.

You might notice something about my sex scenes: that is, the general lack of them. My policy is you shouldn't write what you don't know, and I've only ever had one girlfriend. Thus, I will usually hint just enough to make the shyer readers blush like a Possible.

Like, totally, hi! I'm like, totally, gone, y'know? Sorry. Couldn't resist. The Mighty Floyd here. Huh, you say? Well, my lovely cousin will be gone another week or so on her vacation, a-courtin' her new girlfriend. Despite the fact that she knew she would have to beat me when she finally does return, she still gave me the task of informing you all that she is, in fact, gone. This is why she hasn't yet written anything for her new profile here, even though she has offered me some tantalyzing glimpses of what is to come. Let's just say you may never look at the Teen Titans the same way again. And, just for fun, let's go ahead and plug my own stories, shall we? Remember, no matter how good hers are, mine are better! Ta!

That b*d needs to mind his own business, and believe me, I've changed me password. That said, I've started following authors again, and I might even start writing something worth posting sometiime soon. love you all (but not as much as my baby), Phil.

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