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So, its probably time to update this profile.

I should update some of my stories, I know. Problem is, I only have inspiration for new stories...

My favorite Prime time shows at the moment are:

Dr Who, Grimm, The Vampire Diaries, Chicago Med, Limitless... And a couple more, but I don't wanna bore you with a loooong list of shows. Look at my favorites (have over 3000, ooops), and you'll see what kind of shows I like.

The only soaps I watch right now are:

General Hospital and Days of Our lives. And Chadam clips on YouTube.

And just to make myself clear: I don't read slash, write slash or go anywhere slash. You want to read it? Look somewhere else. Now.

My favorite couples are/where:

In Arrow

- Oliver and Sarah. Loved their chemistry. So, what did the writers do? Ruin it of course. Oliver and Felicity? Really?

- Oliver and Nyssa. Again, chemistry. And the potential for angst. Gotta love angst.

In Beverly Hills 90210

- Kelly and Dylan. Am I the only one on this site? They where so good. And they have a son together. Brenda? Yeah, well... The urge to to throw something at the screen when I see her is still strong.

In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

- Angel and Buffy. Who else? Buffy and Spike? *gags*You want me to puke?

- Drusilla and Spike. Why? Cause I liked Spike as a bad ass vampire. And Dru was...interesting. And they had chemistry.

Can someone please explain Spuffy to me? They had no chemistry, Spike behaved like Angel 2.0 and Buffy was just... No, dont get it. At all.

In Blue Bloods

- Danny and Linda. Nice to see a couple in a cop show that actually seem real.

In Burn Notice

- Fiona and Michael. Who else? Would love, love to see another Burn Notice movie.

In Days of Our Lives

- Sami and Lucas. Who else? The very thought of Brandon or Austin makes me shudder. And Carrie? Please. And dont even mention the names Kate or EJ (who raped her) to me or I may have to seriously harm you. Dont believe me? Okay, so maybe Ill send one of my friends at you. But it will get messy, I can promise you that much.

- Nicole and EJ. Yes, he is a jerk and she deserves better, but hey, a girl could hope right? And how cute are Sydney and Nicole? Although, now... As stated, soap writers are idiots.

- Shawn and Mimi. The way they looked at each other... Plus, I wanna kill Belle. God, she was annoying. Seriously,why didn't anyone put that girl in a coma?

- Bo and Carly. Why? Really? Cause they loved each other. Hope? Oh, you mean the one who took his kid and left? The one who tried to kill him? Uh, no.

- Theresa and Brady. Cause I like redemption stories.And Tate is adorable.

In Dr Who

- River and The Doctor. Cause they love each other, period.

And I was really happy when I thought that Clara was dead, so that should tell you how I feel about her...


- Sam and Luka. Whats not to love? Really?

In Felicity

- Ben and Felicity. They are just meant to be together. Don't even get me started on Noel.

In General Hospital

- Jason and Sam. These two where the reason I started watching GH. So watching them killing Jason of and then bringing him back as Jake who is in love with Elizabeth made me hurl. Now, though... Hope they continue in the way they are going.

- Lucky and Maxie. And yes, I know that she lied about being pregnant and gave him drugs, but still... I don't know, something about these two speak to me.

- Patrick and Sabrina. They where so cute together, so of course the writers had to ruin it.

In Greys Anatomy

- Addison and Derek. The chemistry... God, they where amazing. Meredith? Gah. Makes me wanna throw something at the TV.

- Alex and April. Yes, I know. He is an ass and she can get pretty annoying. Still, something about them speak to me.

- Mark and Lexie. They loved each other. And Shonda had to kill both of them. Of course. And people wonder why I dont watch this show anymore...?

- George and Callie. Oh man... They are so sweet together. Izzie? Yeah, when did she turn into a bitch? Don't know, but it happened.

But still...

-Alex and Izzie. Well... He loved her so much and she left him. But still, before that...

In Grimm

- Adalind and Nick. Yes,I know. They are weird together. They used to try and kill each other. There are a possibility for angst here people. And that baby is cute.

In Harry Potter

- Harry and Luna. Yeah, I know I'm weird. But the whole Ginny/Harry thing is starting to make me sick. Just as weird as me? No, L, it was interesting wasn't it? Yeah. Anyway...

Speaking of weird...

-Lavender and Ron. Yeah, I really don't know why. Cause I really don't like Hermione? Yeah, that might be it.

In Hawaii 5.0:

- Steve and Catherine. They have chemistry. And she makes him smile. So, of course the writers ruined it.

- Rachel and Danny. They love each other and they have a really cute daughter. And did you see how happy he was when he thought the baby was his?

Steve and Danny? Really? Friends. Partners. Brothers. People, just cause two men are friends it dosent mean that they have to be lovers. Comprende?

In House

- House and Stacy. Cause I love impossible relationships. And he clearly loves her. Cuddy? No. Just no.

In Law and Order: SVU

- Elliot and Kathy. Don't even get me started on Olivia and Elliot. Gah! FRIENDS people. Heard of it? Get a dictionary and look it up. F R I E N D S.

In M*A*S*H

- Margaret and Hawkeye. Love the humor and the way they care for each other, especially in the later seasons.


- Tony. I just love that guy. With Jeanne, Zoe or any other woman. Don't really care. Just not with Ziva. Please.

In O.C

- Lindsay and Ryan. Marissa? As if. Want to see me puke? No, didn't think so.

- Ryan and Theresa. How long have they been friends? And lovers? They just have chemistry.

- Sadie and Ryan. Come on, dos he not deserve a girl without a ton of trouble for once?

- Taylor and Ryan. They love each other. Enough said.

I pretty much like every Ryan paring, just so long it do not involve Marissa or Summer. Or slash.

In One Life to live

- Natalie and John. Why? You're really asking me that? Cause they love each other (You hear that stupid GH writers?) And cause Liam is their baby.

In One Tree Hill

- Lucas and Lindsey. Me LOVE. Peyton? Yeah, makes me wanna hit something. Preferably her head.

- Nathan and Haley. Beautiful. And that kid... Cute!!

In That 70s Show

- Hyde and Jackie. Why? I really don't know. Just love seeing them together. Jackie and Fez? Yeah. Right. As if. If I start liking that couple please shoot me. No, I'm not kidding. I mean, come on, Jackie and Fez? Has the world gone mad? Yeah, I know. Stupid question.

In The Third Watch

- Kim and Jimmy. Because I'm a sucker for happy endings. And they have two kids together. Period.

- Cruz and Bosco. Just because.

In The Vampire Diaries.

In the Book universe:

- Bonnie and Damon. Ah, the possibility. And just try and deny that he had feelings for her, I dare you.

In the TV universe:

- Valerie and Stefan. Angst people. Angst! Can it get more angsty then a dead child, I ask you? No, the answer is no. And they have chemistry.

- Rebekah and Stefan. I loved the flashbacks with these two. And then they fall in bed only for him to stake her. Writers, why?

- Bonnie and Enzo. I am intrigued by that guy. And they are hot together.

In The Young and the Restless

- Adam and Chelsea. They love each other. Now, if only Adam could stop lying to his wife all the time...

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