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Okay, so I just started reading fanfic recently. I never thought I would write any. I enjoy writing for work or school or church but actual stories? Not so much. Then this thing got in my head, apparently they are called plot bunnies. It started with a dream that was in the middle of the story. I told one of my son's and he said I should write it so I'm trying. It's hard because I have to come up with the whole beginning etc.

Well, obviously, that didn't work out for me. This is another testament to always back up your work. I thought it was saved to a cloud but apparently not.

I think I'm just going to read and review, but I do have a statement if anyone cares. I don't understand the point of flamers. I've also noted that the worst offenders never seem to actually submit stories which seems hypocritical to me. Constructive criticism can be helpful, but name calling and insults just discourage writers so if you enjoy reading submission why go out of your way to make them quit?

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