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Hi my name is Korily. My first language is French so I'll maybe make mistakes... Sorry!

I'm born the 18th August (just like Percy

That also means: LEO POWER!!! (Or Loke if you prefer for Fairy Tail)

I really hate when person makes some characters too OOC a little bit is enough but when you turn a kind personage like Lisanna (Fairy Tail) into a f*cking b*tch it's too much. (Sorry for language)

Also, I hate when there's too much OC. 1, 2, 3 or even four is okay but when you have like 10 that YOU don't even remember I just abandon the FanFic.

I read:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Heroes of Olympus

Harry Potter

Mortal Instruments

A lot more of books in French!

Favourite girl in PJO/HO?

Annabeth, daughter of Athena for sure!!!

Favourite boy in PJO/HO?

PERCY JACKSON!!!!! P: Perfect, E: Energetic, R: Really Handsome!, C: Cuteness x 100!, Y: Yeah!!

J: Just THE best demigod EVER! (He beats Heracles/Hercule!) A: A very loyal person, C: Cuteness x 10000000000! , K: Kool!, S: Super Perfect!, O: OMG! He saved the world and will save it another time very soon! N: Nicest person in the world!

Least favourite girl in PJO/HO?

Maybe Piper... (Sorry for the one who like her) I kind of think she's a little b*tch. Go reread the passage of what she think of Percy.

Least favourite boy in PJO/HO?

Octavian. (So reject!)

Favourite boy in HP?


Favourite girl?


Favourite Weasley?

Gred and Feorges! *wink*

Least favourite girl?

Cho because I think that she just wanna go out with popular boys.

Least favourite boy?

Voldemort! XD (inside joke with my friends! "At least it's not Voldemort!")(I know it's not that funny but you know when you're with friends... Everything become funny!)


Sailor Moon

Fairy Tail

Kamigami no Asobi



Shugo Chara


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Inu x Boku SS

The world god only knows

No Game No Life

Date a Live

Dragon Crisis

Dragon Collection

Favourite sailor scout?

Sailor Venus! The scout of love and beauty!

Favourite girl in FT?

Mirajane! The demon matchmaking!

Favourite boy in FT?

Hum... I'll go with Natsu, Luxus and Sting! They're awesome! Fire, lightening and light! The trio destroyer!

Favourite girl exceed?

Frosch because she's very cute! (Don't really know if she/he is a boy or a girl, but she look like a girl. Plus, we can make more exceed relashionship!)

Favourite boy exceed?

Panther Lily! He's strong and nice!

Favourite god in Kamigami no Asobi?

The Nordic god Loki and the Japanese god Takeru! Two badass!

Least favourite god?

Thor because he's a little boring...

Who's your favourite character in Magi?

Alibaba! He's nice, handsome, kind, cute, caring and PERFECT!!!!!

Who's your favourite girl character (in manga)?

Mira! (FT)

Who's your favourite boy character (in manga)?

Alibaba, Natsu, Luxus, Sting, Loki (KnA), Takeru and Seiya (SM)!!! They're all perfect!

My from now on favorite phrase is: YODO You Only Die Once. (Maybe dark but I love it!) It's from the wonderful writer Wonderland's worse!

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