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As the handle implies I am infatuated with the Tin Man mini series. I stumbled upon this website and now I am obsessed with the amazing bunch of writers that post on this site. Thank you sooo much for fueling my addiction. I'm trying to keep my compulsiveness restricted to focus on only reading Tin Man fic.

I am not a writer but I have enjoyed reading your stories sooo much I decided I needed to join this site to express my deepest gratitude to the talent that is out here. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and post. I cannot express in words how you have helped wake up and rejuvenate my soul from a creative coma I have personally been in the last few years. Thank you. I have begun to feel whole again.

For the few writers that I have devoured like a mad man, and on the off chance you may be reading this, I have a plea for you- please please please (imagine i am laying myself prostrate before your feet, hair disheveled and redness in my eyes from lack of sleep-because I stay up late reading your work- and the rivers of tears have been shed in agony) please please please finish your stories. I know how hard it is to try to escape a creative block I have been in one now for oh five or so years; but you need to know you are the reason I have creative juices flowing again and soon I hope to carve out some time(and space) to actually paint again.

Again thank you to all of you who write and post because this is my crack and you are supplying me with some really ecstatic highs. thanks ;)

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