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Greetings to anyone reading this, this is Cloud speaking. I write mainly Transformers and Warriors, but hardly any Warriors stories will come out. Oh, and I also write Books of the Raksura, and Danball Senki.

Over and out!

Affirmations for Bullying Victims
by Cyndi H.

This is a message to anyone who is being bullied right now. It doesn't matter if it's online or IRL. This is for you.

YOU matter.
Your opinions matter.
Your feelings matter.
Your thoughts matter.
Your dreams matter.
Your LIFE matters.
You are special.
You are beautiful/handsome.
You are talented.
You are valuable.
You are wonderful.
You are respected.
You are cared about.
You are STRONG.
You are a good person.
You are loved.
You can succeed.
You can reach out.
You can hold on.
You can overcome.
You mean something.
You have worth.
You deserve to LIVE.

Ways to help spread the message:

If you have room, you can paste it into your profile.
If you are part of a social media site or a forum, you can copy and paste this wherever you hang out.
If you have a Youtube, a Vimeo or any other video blog account, you can make a video reading my message.

If you have anything to say, you are totally allowed to PM me, or review my stories.

My names:

TF: Cloudwing

Warriors: Mistcloud

Goddess Girls: Elisea

Books Of The Raksura: Midnight/Iridescent

Introduction: Hi I love writing, it's my hobby! I hope that I will be able to publish my first real book before I'm 16 years old. I also have Wattpad, and I'm not including the link for my account. My username on Wattpad is HorizonEnterprises.

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