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I like anime and manga and watch/read it when I can

My favorite color right now is blue

My favorite song right now is "Soul Meets Body" by Death By Cutie

My fav ships are Nalu (Natsu x Lucy), Rizumo (Rin x Izumo), Zutara (Zuko x Katara), and Kima (Kid x Maka)

Favorite author and whose books I have the most of is Neal Shusterman

Favorite book series The Star Shards Chronicles by Neal Shusterman

Favorite book Shattered Sky by Neal Shusterman

I hate when fanfiction author's change the spelling of a character's name when this fanfiction site has the proper spelling RIGHT THERE.

I hate when the story has a well written summary, yet the actual story has no form of proper grammar what so ever...I can rant how it doesn't make sense but it would be a waste.

I'm a human

That's about it for now.

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