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Who am I? Just a 17 year old who wants to become a better author, although I'm not particularly good at updating anything I write. Its been a year since I've actually Updated Hunter of Hunters. I have the first chapter of a rewrite completely written, but I really don't like the idea anymore and am too lazy to actually get around to writing any more of something that I dislike. The protagonist was stupid, the story was trash, and I really had no ideas for what I could do in the future. So don't expect that to ever be rewritten.

Now some people who read my other story might have noticed that it's no longer on my page. Well congratulations, you've noticed that I wrote something I was too embarrassed of to actually keep up on the site. Literally every problem that I had with Hunter of Hunters returned, except that it was thrice as bad as before. For some reason I could never make a half decent OC. Maybe it was because I was only 14 when I first started writing those and I wanted to look cool.

In other news besides my past failures I'm actually in the beginning stages of another project after over a year of complete inactivity in any sort of writing that I actually want to post. I've written at least three chapters for other things in the past year, but probably won't release them anytime soon. I've recently gotten into the Persona series and they've really revitalized my writing spirit, so expect to see Persona based content on my profile sometime in the future.

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