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Just a random person that that currently undergoes existential crisis, other listed book, movies and games below.

Gender: guess it. Age: guess it too. Nationality: just... guess it.

Have no real writing experience at all so... Whatever! English is not my native tongue so I am a bit rusty (Grammar!) with it.

So... I am working on Mortal Intervention (for now). I've sort of lost steam for the other two. Both of them are crude and boring, so I might decide to remove it.

Books that I adore:

Percy Jackson!!!!!

Harry Potter!!!!

Everything elses!!!!!

I mean, literally. I can stuff down books (not counting dictionaries). I even got around to read the Lord of The Rings. Not a feat many can boast.


Million of ideas how Percy should use his power instead of just a formless wave or water sprout:

1. Make a freaking water copy of himself that can fight along side him.

2. Flood the entire place, raise the water level, whatever.

3. Utilise the hurricanes, super speeding himself.

4. Go Moses on them, instead of parting try slamming them.

5. Screw Riptide. Make your own from water.

6. Screw teammates. Make your own from water.

7. Get a fissure, open a canyon.

8. Summon a giant sea monster to gobble everyone up.

9. Screw sea monsters, make your own from water.

Million of ideas how Jason should use his powers instead of just going superman and thunder:

1. Try flying someone else through the air instead of you.

2. Go storm!

3. What can't you do when you control air itself? Try suffocating them with the Force.

... Overload.


Rise of the brave, tangled dragons with frozen icings. Avengers, blah blah and blah.


Dota2? Skyrim? Tf2?

Anyone? Still here?

Also, I own that cat in my profile picture. And that drawing in the back ground, I drew it too!

If anyone here got any ideas, pls private message me.

Okay, now its 2016 September 30. Just realised that everything I wrote here is really cringe-y. Might need to fix the profile up again soon.

Edit: Okay, now its 2017 June 6th. Just realised that everything I wrote here is still really cringe-y. Might need to fix the profile up again soon.

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