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Joined Jun '14

Status as of this date: I uhh, sort of don't go here much. That's really unfortunate. I want to go read more, but... I have no idea why I'm not so into it anymore. I hope that I get back into it soon!

Small Details about me.

Name: I am known as AGuyWithNoSkills, NoSkills, NoSkillsy and idk what else really. Only some people may know my name, but it's pretty obvious once you get to my terrible stories. Please don't read them. (They're just from a depressed idiot from years ago c; so don't pay him any mind)
Gender: Male
Age: Under the quadruple digits

DOB: 12th of September, 20XX
Occupation: A Human(?)
Country: Australia (Guday mayte) (I don't have the biggest accent, but it's noticeable maybe))
Hobby: Games, Reading and attempting to sleep. And also lying around doing nothing until my life falls apart. (That part was real edgy but yes, it did end up falling apart)

Hair: It's black. And some strange strands of white. (Edgy but it's true, so now I'm 1/4294 parts edgy)

Favorite Color(s): Blue. And a lot more due to combinations.

Games I play:

Super Smash Bros. 4 (I'm trying to get into the competitive scene) (and now its ultimate)

Team Fortress 2 (3000 hours and counting! But uh, maybe not counting anymore. My laptop sucks too much to play well.) (Now it's 4k)

Currently HYPED for:

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wind [Wii U, Nintendo Switch]

The Nintendo Switch (I STILL don't have it!)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (I love the franchise!)

Any upcoming Pokémon main game (Pokémon is amazing)

Any upcoming Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game (This is even better!)


Some more.

Current State: I'm not sure what I'm feeling like anymore. (Well I'm just lazing around doing nothing so)

Stories so far:

What a Good Life Would Feel Like. (No progress, probably stopped)
Dreaming A Million Nights. (No progress)

(I'm not writing anything ever again because I'm bad and now I draw) (but I still put 0 effort into my hobbies)

About me:
I'm a person. Obvious. And I suffer from one of many 1st world country problems, laziness. I do tell myself to do things, even slapping myself while I'm at it, but I don't budge. Slapping doesn't work well. I've recently resorted to punching myself. Don't worry, I'd be too lazy to go get something more dangerous than my scrawny fists, so I'm safe for now. If there was a knife lying around though, I would stay away from it. I've made a promise to myself, and I intend to keep it. Not that it does much, but it's keeping me alive for now.

As most of you should know, I am a bad person, and you shouldn't listen to me. Or maybe that's my opinion. You go think whatever you want, but I'll be thinking that I'm a useless person and unworthy of your very own, watching eyes.

Have I mentioned that I'm very lazy? Yes? Oh okay. Then I'll say this once more. I'm very lazy. The biggest factor why you don't see messages, reviews and stories. Another reason why is because I use a phone whenever I go on this website and well, I type faster on a keyboard than a phone. But that's just an excuse.

That's about all you need to know about me. I'm not special or unique. Oh, and did I tell you? I'm very lazy.

(Umm this was very edgy but hey!!! I'm still lazy and uhhh well hi I hope youre doing good because idk what else)

Awsome people I talk to:





MrsDarkrai/LynTea/I've lost track of all their names

I'm too lazy to remember and write.

The Special People In My Life:




Flamer and Ember!

Some more people! I really am lazy.

(And despite so many years passing by, they're still amazing... Please go give them a small look if you get the chance!)

Favorite Stories so far:

Houndude's: Karyme, The Perfect Love

Axathr's: Light In My Darkness

XelYel's: A Nameless World

And much more!

Contact Me Somehow!

Steam account: AGuyWithNoSkills (or something similar)

Twitter: @NoSkillsy (I'm VERY much active there so that's the go to)


This website: Just click the envelope with 'PM' by its side, which is near the top left of the screen, above my picture.


The Picture?: Created by me. It's not good though. Took me way too long for something so... Small. I guess I'm no artist.

(Well my drawings have changed to the point where I can be pretty proud of some things, but eehh I'm still rlly bad. Not putting them up because I'm lazy and never use this site anymore)

Well, that covers part of it. I'll get back to this once I finish my homework and actually remember about this.

Congratulations to everybody who got to the end of this passage of writing! For that, I may reward you with my wise words:

"Enjoy your day, and live the best life you possibly can"

(I changed it because it was INCREDIBLY edgy and I'm not like that anymore)

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