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to Guest Reviewers if you want me to respond to the review please sign in. Otherwise please have only one review per chapter. I thank you for reading

I will try to finish whatever I start.

PLEASE DON'T PM/DM ME FOR A RELATIONSHIP. I never thought I would need such a comment but it has now happened.

I have been looking for a spirited away fic and can't remember the name...it's were when chihiro came back she was still able to see spirits and all that comes with

I try politeness but my filter fails from time to time

If for some reason I have said something off I apologize


Have you ever noticed that in the Harry Potter books how the characters are messed up?
Hermione is autistic (that's the reason for the authority issues)
Ron has chemical imbalance that makes him eat obscene amounts and regularly changes his mood (which is why he can go from best friend to jealous idiot at the flip of a goblet)
Harry is well documented in his abuse from his family...
Neville's family tries to kill him (and only starts to approve of him when he breaks into the ministry and interacts with mass murdering terrorists)
Luna Watched saw her mother die, her father spiral into madness, and has the school regularly bully her, harass her, and attempt bodily harm through stealing what she needs to Not Die in Freezing Cold. (Bloody missing shoes, frost bite is a thing)

Any body want to add a person and what's wrong with them tell me and I'll update this (with appropriate credit)
Wonder how messed up the potter verse is.


I have noticed that whenever someone does a harem fic it is just a group no real emotional build just a group of females and if it had been done differently it might have made sense to keep it...but it wasn't so it doesn't

FOR THOSE WHO THINK THAT TELLING THE AUTHOR 'TO WRITE MORE/ FASTER' SPEEDS THINGS UP. STOP BEING AN IDIOT. IT SLOWS THE STORY AND IF DONE TOO MUCH CAN MAKE THE AUTHOR ABANDON THEIR STORY. Just put to follow, say a constructive review and find another story there are more than 1000 different stories on here... my rant is done thank you

I wonder if those who make bashing a character mandatory realize just how that restricts a story...and what if it's not bashing enough to suit the original idea does this make it no longer valid?

Auto correction is the devil for it turns things inside out and tortures the reader unbearably

Why are most of the good stories on hiatus...

...for the question"what is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane" why hasn't anyone gone with the time period in which the were called...because even the book gets it wrong to just say they're the same it's true but not the total truth...

Minor preach warning

All words have power. With word you can raise the hopes of million and drive a war. With words you can bind yourself to a specific happening. You can actually curse yourself with the words that exit your mouth if repeated enough. Why do you think that people once believed in spells. People used their word to create new meaning and people have outlawed specific words for the power in them both for good and ill.

Faith is not reports. Faith is spreading the word or telling your story. Faith is not repost this or else._. will happen. Faith is realization that the word is true and God exists. Don't base faith on just because the bandwagon says so.

Drive drunk and you risk killing the love in others. Drive drunk and you risk causing people to lose their reality. Drive drunk and you risk killing a person's only family. Don't be the reason for an unnecessary end to a life.


Please review I NEED to know how to make these not Meh stories


1) Game of Life: in progress

2) Before We Start This: Complete

3) We were Friends Once: In Progress

4) And How Many Are You Related to?: in Progress

Looking for

Looking for FFxii(?) with cloud as the main. Was called dishonorable discharge. was hilarious. It also disappeared. If any can find it PLEASE let me know. I loved that story.

Looking for a Buffy the vamp slayer where it was about Xander. Mostly about a side effect of how he get the rocket t deal with the judge having some interesting side-effects.

Looking for a KHR fic with zombies, i 'think' is from a game not sure. Cant find it

A Naruto reactions fic where people respond to a Naru/Kakashi relationship. Negatively FOUND= https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6871105/1/Reactions

Looking for a Naruto fic where team takes out the invasion but not as part of the exams, and the only thing I remember from it is that Naruto technically died for a little bit and they used a foresttraps to deal with the enemy FOUND= https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10705017/1/Sticks-and-Stones

See if able to find a blue ramun fic

looking for a steven universe fic all about pearl, it's a fight scen and the only line I remember is "I'm not their pearl"

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All it Takes - Nalyra

A Time for Changeling - Bloodpage-Alchemist

Café - Pleasedial123

Bound in Servitude - Little.Miss.Xanda

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