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Fanfiction Pet Peeves:

#1 - Bad grammar. It's not that difficult to double check your work before publishing it.

#2 - Fanfiction that attempts to make every pairing slash and not just a single pairing or two. It always seems like you're attempting to unload your sexual preference into the fiction rather than the real world.

#3 - Crossovers that mix together different aspects of both worlds without adequately explaining what's possible and what isn't. Failure to do so allows lazy authors to pull anything out of their ass at a later date.

#4 - Overly long Author Notes. When authors take the time to address every review and ramble on about future story plans it artificially inflates the word count quite a bit and is very annoying to see in a good story.

#5 - Polls and voting for story progression. Unless started at the beginning of a fanfiction, it's an unwelcome foreshadow or outright spoiler for the continuation of a story.

My biggest pet peeve isn't even with the authors, but with fanfiction.net itself by refusing to provide easy differentiation between slash and non-slash. You would not believe the number of crossovers I've had to skip to find even one decent non-slash story because "ooh this broody bastard would work great with this handsome guy with insecurity issues" that repeats over and over again.

Favorite Animes and Characters (if applicable):



- Kenpachi Zaraki

Code Geass

- Lelouch Vi Britannia

No Game No Life

Sword Art Online


- Teresa of the Faint Smile

The Dragonball Series

- Goku

Story Ideas (Please ask for permission to use):

#1 - A Mass Effect self-insert using a smart/scientific character to be transformed into an A.I., left on a garden world away from the relays, with minimal infrastructure to do how he pleases. Certain tech would be possible (Halo with slipspace travel and energy shields, etc.) and emphasis is made on just how much we rely on the achievements of past humans for today's society and the amount of time it would take to build it back up from almost nothing. Once his self-made civilization gets started he experiments on the creation of other A.I.s (much less powerful than him individually or in good-size groups) to create a civilization with actual citizens. Once his tech has evolved enough he manages to meld almost indestructible A.I. cores to the nervous systems of genetically engineered (likely elfen or at least humanoid) bodies to bridge the gap between synthetics and organics. After expanding to at least dozens of star systems with a tech-level reminiscent of the forerunners or the ancient humans (still below the precursors) a mass effect relay is found, disassembled, reassembled, guarded, and then activated by a quarian group fleeing slaver aggression. He may institute policies in his civilization (kept in charge through popular approval of their creator) to fuck with Mass Effect humans like creating moon-sized city-ships and naming them craftworlds, etc.

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