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Joined Jun '14, USA

Yo guys Brin here I will just talk a bit about me. (Note I am 16).

I.AM.A.YAOI.LOVER On less words I am a fujoshi not afraid to say it.

My principal/favorite pairings:

-Sasunaru I LOVE Sasunaru with all my heart, I think they could have been a pretty cute and the best couple.

-JunjoRomantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi mainly UsagixMisaki and Takano/Ritsu.

-Love stage I love this one and I miss it, it made me laugh and cry I think it is one of my favorite list of anime, Izumi and Ryouma are so cute together.

-Pokemon shipping, such as :

Franticshipping, originalshipping and palletshipping.

If you want to meet me or talk with me do not be shy I love making new friends!

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