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Hello, my real name is none of your business, so you may address me by my user name or you can call me Vic.

It is very unlikely that I will write any fanfictions of my own since I lack any inspiration, imagination or anything else that a writer requires, so I will settle for reviewing and appreciating any decent fanfiction that falls under any of my fandoms such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Hellsing, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Doctor Who, Call of Duty Nazi Zombies, and various others that I don't feel like listing. I enjoy two types of fanfictions Oc self-inserts and crossovers, why, you ask? I love seeing how the world reacts when a new player is thrown into the game, the chaos entertains me.

My answers to various questions relating to Harry Potter

1. I hold qualities from all four houses, so I don't know which one I'd be put in. I'm brave but only because I find fear illogical, I am loyal only to those I determine worthy, I have a saying, a mad genius is still a genius and considering I get straight A's without any actual effort well, I'm sure you can figure out where I'm going with that, I'm ambitious yet I'm too damn lazy to actually get the more complicated things I want. I'm an adaptive person my personality changes to fit the situation.

2. My favorite Professor is Lupin because he is a good guy. Also werewolves are awesome.

favorite magical creature is a boggart because Fucking with people's heads is hilarious, unless it's my head in which case it makes me angry and you really won't like me when angry. Chances are you don't like me now but I'm too damn lazy to care whether you like me or not.

favorite spell is Avada Kedavra because it's an effective tool for dealing with morons, just kidding, but I'm definitely not above using it against death eaters. Don't give that look they had their chance for redemption yet nearly every single one of them went right back to Voldemort.

favorite book/movie is The Prisoner of Azkaban because I repeat werewolves are awesome.

least favorite character is Umbridge, she is a worthless little flea that has nothing better to do than suck the life essence out of all living beings in her immediate area. If you quote me on that make sure to give me the credit.

7. My favorite female character is Hermione Granger.

8. Which character would I save from death if I could? Probably Remus, he's a cool guy, ooh and Tonks. You know what, I'd just say fuck canon and Avada Kedavra to you Bellatrix Lestrange, preferably before she kills Sirius.

battle strategy would revolve around explosives because ART IS AN EXPLOSION!!!!!!

My answers to various questions relating to Percy Jackson And the Olympians.

1. My favorite character is Nico Di Angelo because he is a Badass and I feel for him having been an outcast myself.

godly parent would probably be one of the least popular ones that most consider evil. But more likely with my luck I'd be yet another ignorant bystander.

3.I'd side with whoever Nico sides with because I can and Nico is EPIC, besides he needs a persistent friend who won't let him wallow in despair and I would be more than happy to fill the role.

favorite female character is Thalia.

favorite Adult character is Mr. D. because he is hilarious.

favorite book is The Battle Of The Labyrinth, because Labyrinths are awesome.

favorite villain is Atlas because he does things The Soldier Way.

If anyone gets the references littered throughout my profile than congrats.

Things about me.

I am 20 years old though most days I feel about 50.

I am male, single and while I hope to one day get a girlfriend, on my list of priorities that barely makes the top seventy.

My favorite band is Disturbed, I have never heard a song by them I didn't like.

My favorite color is Black, although Red is a close second.

As you can probably tell, I enjoy anime.

And I might add more to this later.

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