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So, this writer, I am not going to name, said that I should make an account (I dunno know why), but after I fixed around a little, I was (finaly, on my second try) able to do that.

You know who you are, and know me undet the anonymus name: Nobody. When I made this account the name "Nobody" was taken, so I tok something simular :)

First, my "name" was: It's me nobody, but I didn't like it...

...You people get my "name", right? Cause, Nobody has no body. "It's just a nobody that doesn't have a body"!

You should also kow that I updatate my profile when I'm bored.

If you can, you should deffently read something by Michael Grant.

Favourite carakter from GONE: Caine Soren. Started loving him in FEAR.

From BZRK: Vincent. Started loving him in the first book. He is cool and all laidback, and how he handels his disease is just something that makes him cooler!

From Nelia: Linus av Hox. Started loving him in the first book.

Linus and Vincet reminds me of one another, someone in my class thinks the same. They could have been the parallel univers-verson of the other! Just, like, creepy, but in an awsome way!

1F Y0U C4N UND3R574ND 7H15 M355463 C0PY 17 4ND P4573 17 1N70 Y0UR PR0F1L3

1. You're reading my profile
2. You're realizing that's a stupid fact
4. You didn't notice I skipped three
5. You're checking
6. You're smiling
7. You're still reading my profile
9. You didn't realize I skipped eight
10. You're checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again.
11. You are enjoying this
12. You didn't realize there's only suppossed to be ten facts
Copy and paste if you fell for it, too. You know you did ;)

(Will include spoilers for the whole series!)

Gone Quiz!

1. Favorite Perdido Beach Kid: I think i have to og with Lana, cause she lived there and is on that side.

2. Favorite Coates Kid: CAINE!

3. Favorite Couple: Caina!!!

4. Least Favorite Couple: Taylor/Sam (it was a moment!)

5. Favorite Part of Each Book:

Gone- Caine and Sam's big poof.

Hunger- When Caine says he don't want to live whitout Diana and when he, Sam and Duck goes Down to kill the Gaiaphage.

Lies- When Edilio showed the kid wiped to death and under the discusion right before the fire.

Plague- The whole battle when Brianna and Caine works together.

Fear- When Caine wakes up from plastering and when he said that he was dissapointed that the bayby wouldn't come.

Light- Diana and Caines last conversation, right after Caine dies and Diana are talking about that 'he got his blaze of glory' and bought his letters. He took all the blame so the kids didn't og to jail while the whole 'parallell universe' theory was made. People should be more Grateful!

6. Least favorite character: Look under

7. What I think of Zil: Hate him, just hate the kid. Hate X999999999... him so f*ing much

8. Favorite Coyote: 'Nip-Nip'


10. Worst power: Astrid's, it was so bad that Michael Grant dropped it!

11. Computer Jack and Brianna or Dekka and Brianna: Brekka!

12. Saddest death: Caine's, I mean, he gave himself up for everybody *couch* Diana *couch* and spared them time in prison before the whole 'other universe' theory was made, I mean, he earned LOTS of credit for that (at least from me).

13. Drake with a girlfriend is: Um...poor girl.

First the adults were GONE

Then HUNGER took power

LIES traveled around

The PLAGUE caught on

The FEAR settled in

But soon the LIGHT will shine

-If you like the GONE series by Michael Grant, put this on your profile.

With 'like', I mean LOVE!

We're as crazy as the caracters we're fangirl/fanboy-ing over!

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Something for you all to remember:

Review stories, it takes like ten seconds and are appreciated by all authors. THANK YOU!

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