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I write about what interests me. Also, I try to write fics that infuse canon with a modicum of realism and common sense. There may be times I post something just for fun, but I like novel-length fics, and I like to pick apart the little pieces of everything I read or write. I blame this on working as a copy editor for my high school newspaper.

Sometimes I think I should have been a critic. When I see a horrible action movie or read a terribly clich├ęd book, I find myself thinking the following things over and over:

"In real life, he would have been cut to pieces by all the falling glass."

"Oh good, let's have a massive fight between good and evil in the middle of a heavily populated city. It's not like this is going to kill thousands of innocent civilians and cause millions of dollars' worth of property damage."

"Why do people in movies, books, and T.V. shows never get stuck in traffic? Or have to go to the bathroom? Or sleep?"

"If everybody had this much unprotected sex in real life, I would invest heavily in drugs that treat STDs. I'd be rich in a month."

...Perhaps this says something about my personality. Despite the fact that I may be persnickety, I really do just want to write something that makes sense and is realistic. It is my sincerest wish to bring quality writing to you all - that is, whenever I work up the nerve to actually write and/or post something.

My fandoms are: Harry Potter, Star Trek: 2009, Downton Abbey, Frankenstein, Sherlock, Fullmetal Alchemist (finished the '03 series and still working on Brotherhood). I've also started writing a short piece for the Broken Empire trilogy.

As a general rule, anything I like will be listed under my "Favorites" section. I'm very picky with what I put under my favorites. Most of the works there have a strong plot, are limited in spelling and grammar errors, and are works that I can re-read without getting bored.

May 2019: Yes, I'm still alive and reading FanFiction. I mostly created this account as a reader to save favorites, but I do still harbor secret ambitions of becoming a beta reader.

As a side note, I've actually started writing a fic for the Broken Empire series. I have a few reasons for this:

1) I don't care that much about the characters or the series as a whole, so I feel like it's a good training ground for me to practice my writing skills. If I write something cringe-worthy, I won't feel like I did the series an injustice. This fandom also has a small readership base, so I won't be turning lots of active FanFiction readers into haters.

2) The second book of the Broken Empire is actually a fully fleshed-out novel with demonstrable character growth, decent world-building, a semblance of plot, and a good antithetic villain. The rest of the series...needs so much help. Dear God, there is a lot wrong with this series. There's so much room for reinterpretation that it's practically begging for a dedicated FanFic writer.

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